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Wonder Woman does battle against the Citizenry’s terrifying secret weapon, a weapon with a remarkable connection to Diana herself! It’s the final chapter before the landmark WONDER WOMAN #600, and this issue will have ramifications on Diana’s life forever! Don’t miss it!

Written by GAIL SIMONE

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed Gail’s run, but I feel like she’s going out on a sour note with this storyline.  I’m not liking it AT ALL.  However, I’m a loyal WW fan, so I’ll get it.  I hope she pulls this out somehow.

  2. Ever since they booted Gail/she decided to leave WW has felt like everyone — artists, writers, editors — have been half-assing this waiting for 600 and JMS. Is Nicola drawing all of 600? Why can’t she do more than half a WW book? Why can’t they find a single inker for the book? And what happened to Wonder Woman’s eye?

  3. @Zattaric: That what he said?

  4. in general I find gails stuff to be very hit or miss. Cant wait for JMS.

  5. @anthonyrdrum I agree. Except on Secret Six which is consistently awesome. I think writing villains is her thing.

  6. @Zattaric: I joined late but agree completely.  I liked most of the stuff I read but this is just rough.  Honestly, I’m not expecting much but it seems kind of silly to just skip the last issue going into 600.

     And who doesn’t love ramifications that can change Wonder Woman’s life forever?

  7. @JimBilly4:

    Scott isn’t doing 600, sadly enough. There’s three different writers–Geoff Johns, Gail Simone, and JMS, and the artists are George Perez, Phil Jimenez, and Joe Mad. 

  8. @JimBilly4:

    Birds of prey was good but who knows if shell sustain it, i feel like wonder woman has been good 1 out of 3 times. Shes in my top 5 characters so I coudlnt drop.

  9. I’ve been with this book in pamphlet form since the re-numbering. Now that Gail is going, and considering the upcoming number 600, I’ll be dropping WW, along with a bunch of other DC that I can’t afford anymore. It’s been a fun 4 years, and I thank DC for putting out a good Wonder Woman book at a reasonable price. Now I can read the whole stack, and box this stuff up. Bravo to Gail & Company for delivering a fairly consistent title, after an admittedly rough start.

  10. @ JumpingJupiter  HA!  Well played my friend, well played.

  11. "In three thousand years, precious few Amazons have died in their sleep, surrounded by their loved ones."

    That’s a pretty awesome quote, especially for the first page. I’m going to miss Simone on this book.  

  12. this was a decent conclusion

  13. I thought there was one more before Gail was off. Doesn’t JMS start at 601?

  14. I thought this was a good story arc & a solid ending to Simone’s run, even tho I hate multiple artists on one book (unless it’s for flashbacks or something similar).

  15. Meh. It was OK, but just barely. I’m a big WW fan and I was disappointed by Gail’s run on WW. There were some good moments and decent stories, but some things just didn’t work. I love her on Secret Six, but there was something missing here. A lot of it seemed phoned in.

  16. This had some awesome WW bad-assery in the middle, like her line about Amazons and fire, but the Aunt and Cousin were so poorly developed that the rest of the story just didn’t reverberate. I think Gail also tried to cram in an undoing of Amazons Attack right here at the end (they save DC instead of attacking it). Probably became a victim of just trying to get all the stuff in before she ran out the door.

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