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  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Gonna check this out. 

  2. Hope it’s better than the last arc.

  3. the last arc was slightly better than the much-maligned WW stuff in wednesday comics. but this sounds fun…

  4. Wonder Woman and Black Canary working together cool.

  5. @TehDave – I’d take the Wednesday Comics WW over the WW ongoing easy. But now I’m curious, what did you think of the last WW arc?

  6. So pysched for this!  Gail writing Black Canary again, how can you pass that up? 

    I liked that last arc.  It might have suffered from being an issue or two too long, but I enjoyed it.  Curious to see what a WW who is not an amazon is like.

  7. yay gail writing Black Canary again how can i pass that up i so want to read wonder woman again the last arc was good not really great so i hope this series starts again to greatness.

  8. Looking forward to what Gail has planned after the last arc.  She’s writing some of the best Wonder Woman stuff since Rucka left.  And the art is fantastic.

  9. My first Wonder Woman issue in years, and I actually enjoyed it.  I’ll be back next month.

  10. This is the first Wonder Woman book I’ve ever picked up.  I’m a big fan of Secret Six and Birds of Prey, but this issue fell a little flat for me.  I may get the next one to conclude the arc.  Was hoping for something a little darker.


  11. I’m not sure it qualifies as a great comic, but it was really fun the whole way though.

  12. I’d call it a good Birds of Prey issue (3/5), but I was looking for a good WW issue. Simone has failed to deliver on that in more than 8 issues. I wanted a good WW book from DC and hoped this would be it.


    I’ll go back to my Wednesday Comics WW and wait for the Blackest Night: WW mini by Rucka.

  13. Needs more Rag Doll!

  14. Am I the only one that love the apes?  I’m glad they’re sticking around for now.

  15. I am enjoying Gail’s run.

  16. I’ve been reading this book for a while and this issue really stood out. Gail Simone really has a handle on both Wonder Woman and Black Canary and it was great seeing them team up again. Not enough people are reading this and are really missing out, you won’t be disappointed.

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