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  1. i am so happy this arc is ending, because it has been AWFUL. wonder woman meeting all the worst elements of a dungeons and dragons game gone wrong…

  2. This arc has really slowed the book down. Not bad, but not as good as Gails first arc. Really loved the idea, just seems to be written a bit above me, really eager to see where the book is headed. Lopresti is awesome his art is sorely under appericated! Dont give up on this book yet! Gail Simone is a very good writter with a passion for this character and Lopresti is a great artist, this team has plenty of good stories to tell!

  3. @tehdave – I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who didn’t like this arc.  I’ve been thinking that if this is where this book is going then I need to bail out. The only thing keeping me interested is the relationship with Tom. If it’s going to be all myth and fantasy all the time then that’s really not my thing.

  4. It was nice to see Donna in the issue, I definitely think that they need to show more of the legacy aspect in this book and in Superman like they do with Batman and his family.

  5. I thought this arc was ok, as far as story goes. Nothing to get that excited over, but a nice change of pace. Something different. I consider a kind of experiment that worked on some levels, failed on others. But I thought the art was perfect for the book, and I’m liking the sub-plot with Wonder Woman’s romance with Tom. Good stuff. I’ve been reading since the relaunch at #1 and will definitely keep it up. 

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