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• What is the one way Wonder Woman can stop Orion?

MAD Variant cover by The Usual Gang of Idiots

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  1. The Top 10 Best DC Comics at the moment!

    (with #1 being the most best!) 😉

    #10. Green Lantern

    #9. Swamp Thing

    #8. Green Arrow

    #7. Earth 2

    #6. Aquaman

    #5. Animal Man

    #4. Batman and Robin

    #3. WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!

    #2. Batman Inc

    #1. Batman

    • I agree that Batman should definitely be number 1 on the list and the fact that I`m only reading about 5 DC books prevents me from making a list like this. I know Flash has it`s up and down moments but I`m sure it deserves a spot in the top 10 same with Justice League.

    • First and foremost, I miss the pink shirt ;).
      The order of the top 3 are debatable, but not incorrect by any means.
      GL, GA, & Aqua should be higher on the chain. What’cha gonna do? Everyone’s a Fuckin’ critic! 😀
      And I know this is blasphemous, but Swamp Thing needs to go while adding (WAIT FOR IT…)……………………………………….. JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!

    • Hah Sitara the pink shirt will return some day. Till then the blue cardigan will just have to do. 😉

      In regards to Swamp Thing, the title started off great but I will agree lost a lot of its steam the last few issues BUT still better then Justice League (in all fairness my hate of JL has diminished since those first 6 issues).

      but dude the real news here is that motherfucking Green Arrow is in the top ten list!

    • The only book on your list I haven’t read is Green Arrow, but that has more to do with my dislike for the character. As for Wonder Woman, I’m surprised I never realized how easy a fit she is with the New Gods.

    • It’s like you guys aren’t even reading Batman…

    • Demon Knights is one of my favorite books from any company at the moment, so I would add that to your list in place of Earth 2, a book I like, but not enough to pick up regularly.

      Still a pretty good list overall . . .

  2. My own taste concurs with the totality of this list, if not the precise pecking order. Am currently reading each of these titles with the exception of Animal Man & Swamp Thing. Dropped after #12 due to Rotworld-prologue-delirium.

    • Both Post-Rotworld issues of those titles haven’t been too bad. I totally get the dropping of those books – I got pretty close to doing the same – but I’m gonna stick around for awhile.

  3. I just finished all the Perez-era Wondie books. They were great. Now that it’s more firm where she’s from and what she’s about, I see some similarities. This will sit beside Perez as best WW stories told.

  4. I’m excited to see where things pick up in this issue. There are still a lot of threads running, but last issue had an uncharacteristically tidy ending.

  5. The Orion/Diana scene in the living room was enough to get this a 5/5 from me. Still, sometimes this series accelerates the story forward a mile in a single issue, and other times it’s spinning its wheels. This was one of the latter. More bargains being struck, more alliances being made, etc. etc. After 19 issues of this, it’s a wonder the book hasn’t lost me. It hasn’t though. I love this book. Sometimes I wonder if it only feels this way because it’s actually NOT going anywhere. The destination is not as important as the journey. In other words, I should shut up and enjoy the ride. So far, it’s been a helluva ride.

  6. I’ve been reading this in trade (vols 1 and 2) and love it. I think it would be too slow for me in issues. I enjoy Azarello but this has been my experience with all his work.

    • Definitely a Trade comic.

      A couple of weeks ago I re-read all the issues in one sitting and was captivated the whole time. It’s one of those “can’t put it down till I’m done” books.

    • @ghostmann me too, and I think a few others on here did the same. I think it made me like the title even more, this will be a run I return to periodically in the future for sure.

  7. Solid and enjoyable as always, but this story arc about the baby has been going on for so long now it feels like it’s happening in real time.

    • It’s still fun but dragging for sure. First “Don’t Call Me Kratos” Born isn’t all that interesting of a character either.

      I’m sure I missed something, but where IS Zeus? I’m more interested to see how he was dethroned than anything.

    • I was wondering the same thing after reading this issue. I know Zues died, but I don’t think that anyone has explained how. Or did I miss something?

      I don’t mind the baby, as I enjoy Zola’s character. I loved the scene where the infant can charm even Hera (& I don’t like kids much myself). I don’t think of the baby as an arc as much as a new regular character in the supporting cast. I think that Azarrello plans on focusing on the Pantheon’s politics for awhile, and as long as he does this child will be a part of it . . .

      But, yeah, First Born hasn’t quite enthralled me yet . . .

    • I think the baby IS Zeus.
      That’s why the child will take the throne and why even Hera finds him charming(though I’m sure she doesn’t know it’s him).

    • @sitara, hmmm, I think you might me onto something.

    • It would make sense . . .

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