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• WONDER WOMAN faces a choice: Defend ZEUS’S throne from APOLLO – or defend her closest friend!

• Plus: Zola gives birth to something completely unexpected!

Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Cliff Chiang
Cover by Cliff Chiang
Variant Cover by Cliff Chiang

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 24.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. what kind of stylish sun-God doesn’t wear shoes to match his outfit???

    • A Sun-God who doesn’t need shoes.

    • These gods all look totally crazy. The first issue I had no idea who that guy was for most of the book. But the crazy looks are part of why I love this comic.

    • He’s Walking on Sunshine so it’s doubtful shoes last very long. Unless, he wore those demented Crocs shoes, in which case they would never go away…why won’t they go away?

    • Talkin reckless on the Crocs bro? Best shut that bogus bizz down or I might take my Vibram 5-toed hiking socks off and put on my steel-toed Crocs and start stompin’ on somebody’s unmentionables!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! #kickingpeopleinthebutthole


  3. Beautiful cover. Loving this series. Wondie’s busy in the next few months helping Batwoman, but JHWIII drawing WW will be AWESOME!

  4. Excellent cover but shouldn’t Apollo’s bow be silver?


    great issue, PotW:)

  6. Final page blew my mind, I am on the edge of my seat for that.

  7. Before reading this issue, I had again mentally moved this book to “on the fence” status for no obvious reason, and yet again it kicks my ass and makes me wonder why I ever considered jumping off.

    • My experience exactly. Somehow I forget how great this is every month.

      I’m so mad that this came out the same week as Saga. How’s a man supposed to make his pick, huh?!

    • I am in the same position, but I did not have as strong reaction to this issue. It is still in the “buy” pile, but I continue to hem and haw about it. Same goes for ‘The Flash”…

  8. “MY defense? My cuffs were YOURS.”

    Nuff said.

  9. Did that last page just happen?! Did I just hallucinate that?! Holy SHIT!!

    The rest of the issue was fantastic (probably my favorite so far), but that last page blew my mind. I am beyond excited to find out what that means. This is what I’ve been waiting for from the day of the relaunch. I’m sure it’ll take another year before we get into it, but I am officially pumped!

  10. “Is that a threat, Amazon?”

    “It’s a promise”


    Although all the fight scenes in this book have been clunky and terrible. I wonder if Azzarello does that on purpose to protest an editorial mandate.

  11. This was fantastic what a twist i didnt see coming POTW!

    With that being said since I haven’t read as much dc material to know what the ending was an indication of who to come can someone explain that part to me?

    • Google: kirby fourth world.

    • Hi Neeks,

      That final page teases a return of the New Gods.

      The character depicted is Orion, a Superman-level warrior.
      The tortured son of Darkseid, you’re aware of him?

      I’d recommend reading trades of Jack Kirby’s 70’s series, The Forever People & The New Gods. IMO, DC’s subsequent series reviving these characters have fallen short.

      Anyway, this development could be very exciting, if done well.

    • @Neeks: Go on Amazon and order yourself Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1 (at least). It’s a great introduction to all these characters and it’s all laid out for you in the order they first appeared. Plus it’s a great introduction to the magic of Jack Kirby’s DC work. You won’t regret it.

    • Thanks for explaining that Drumanespic I do know who darkseid is and I’ve heard of the New Gods I’m just not familiar with the individual members since I’ve never read any New Gods stuff so thanks!

    • Thanks Wheelhands ill definetly check it out

    • You thought it was a fantastic twist but at the same time had no idea what it meant?

    • I thought the twist was good with Hermes being a traitor is what i meant, and te ending made sense just wasn’t sure who the character was

  12. Darkseid is awesome and Orion is pretty cool, too. but, apart from that, i’ve never been able to whip up much enthusiasm for New Gods stuff. However, that last page did make my heart beat just a bit faster.
    Azz/Chang have blown me away with their modern take on classical and mytholgical Greek deities. so i’m wondering what they have in store for these New Gods. i am genuinely excited for a corner of the DCU that has consistantly, as a whole, failed to entertain me.

  13. Loved the ‘BOOM’ -shaped panel with the Kirby Krackle…Can’t wait for issue #13!

  14. It’s not often that I literally gasp out loud and stare at a final page for a few minutes. POTW

  15. LOVED! this book. The twist ending AND the New Gods too! Is this the start of the much hyped Trinity War? The old gods and the New Gods and the multiple earths hanging in the balance? Based on what I’ve seen in WW the past 12 issues, Brain Azzarello would be the perfect writer to reintroduce the New Gods back into the DCnU and Cliff Chiang would do some awesome costume/character redesigns. Anyway WW and the New Gods…YES!

  16. Great issue and a final page that made me grin from ear to ear

  17. This issue of Wonder Woman was full of surprises, and is the perfect complement to issue #1 (as bookends). When I saw Diana flying, I let a “yeah!” out, and when she took her bracelets off, a “holy crap!” was heard.

    Please check my mini-review of Wonder Woman #12 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  18. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I had dropped it with #10. Then I saw the BOOM panel and immediately back ordered #11 and #12. It looks like I’m back on board.

    I’m looking forward to reading #0 which, in Azzarello’s own words, “is going to set up Wonder Woman’s back-story and what happens in the next year”.

  19. I was so pleased when I saw Orion return. Love the new gods

  20. I’ve yet to read any of this Wonder Woman series and have considered it from the beginning…love the new design and agree with some that it looks better here then when Lee draws it himself, must be the matte pallet or thicker outlines, anyway, I loved that cover, I think it was #10 that had her with a skull face and two golden guns, wanna buy that just for the cover and this here is another great cover, loving the gold and love the New Gods, just bought a mint copy of Mister Miracle #1 just cause I love Scott Free,KIrby and his #1 cover is classic. Love the idea of them taking a fresh take on Greek Gods and mixing that up with the New Gods, Definitely gonna get a copy of #12 and get onboard with what seems to be a great jumping on point.

  21. The implication of what the bracelets (now) do – that is a throwback to Marston’s original concept, correct?

    • As far as I’m aware you’re dead on.

      The “bracelets of submission” were a reminder of the Amazon’s bondage under Hercules.

      It used to be that if removed, the individual went insane & ran amok.

      For me, this development was more exciting than the last page reveal.

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