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  1. The art on this has been fantastic and I’m looking forward to the completion of this mini series.

  2. I didn’t care much for the artwork on this series, not that it was bad by any means. I thought the outlines were a bit too thick, inconsistencies in faces, etc.  The story was needed to help define Wonder Girl and establish her a bit more in the DCU.  Overall I was pretty happy with this mini.

  3. Lovely issue, I was chuffed to bits to see Diana and Cassie (Dru-schmoo) finally have that talk, and happy to see the Apokolips ladies leave – they’re so overexposed lately. And hurrah for the closeting of the over-designed Wonder Girl outfit!

  4. The finale wasn’t that bad, but i didn’t think it lived up to the great start to this series. Nice to tie-in with Countdown and Death of the New Gods…but a trade of this in a few months/years might not make any sense to the casual reader…

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