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  1. my fave new marvel book

  2. good story so far, and the preview for this issue looks great.

  3. Ron Garney is killing it, Jerry! Killing It!

  4. Been enjoying this, but switching to trades after this arc since each subsequent arc is supposed to pretty much stand on its own.

  5. Been a big fan of this book since the beginning, hope it gets a nice long run.

  6. so is Jason A on this indefinatly?

  7. I believe so.

  8. It been awhile since this title came out hasn’t it?

  9. I was still reading Millar’s Old Man Logan when issue 1 came out, so this title never really hit me like Old man Logan did.  After reading 1 and 2, i came out feeling like "Eh, this is just another par marvel book, which is totally NOT worth 3.99 price tag."

  10. I was debating dropping this book before reading this issue.  But this issue blew me away.  Best single issue X-comic of 2009– I’m on this book for the long haul now.  Pick of the week for me.  Just friggin’ awesome.

  11. This is the only Wolverine I buy but it is too expensive.  Definitely switchin to tradewaiting after this first arc is up.

  12. Waiting for the trade on this one. Just saw on Aaron’s website that the HC will include #1-5 as well as his story from Wolverine 73 and 74.

  13. @jim I think this may be my POTW as well but I need to finish my other books.  Great stuff from both writer and artist.

  14. Really good.

     I like that there is one title where Wolverine isn’t watered down and gentrified. He should be the scariest man you have never met… this includes occasionally murdering someone in front of your eyes.  

  15. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Favorite issue so far of the series.  Just ruthless.  Garney’s unstoppable.

  16. Jason Aaron is a great writer for Wolverine.

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