It’s the action-packed conclusion to “Tomorrow Dies Today”…and at the end of it only one Deathlok shall remain. As Logan and the greatest heroes of the Marvel U unite to confront him, the question is raised: is he friend or foe? Or maybe even both?

PENCILS: Ron Garney
COVER BY: Ron Garney

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  1. Excellent stuff.

  2. With all the Time Travel criss crossing and loopng around, this is either going to be awesomely satisfying or a story continuity train wreck. I have faith it will be the former, but greater writers than Aaron have given way before overly complex time travel logic. We’ll see.

  3. Once again Aaron shows the time stream whos boss. Whether it’s this or Astonishing Spiderman and Wolverine – the work he is turning in is bloody great!

    He is without a doubt one of the best talents Marvel have, let’s only hope that he doesn’t get tired of them continually rebooting and changing the names of his series – one day Avengers writer? Maybe, as it stands I am willing to buy anything with his name on it outta good faith… and he hasn’t let me down so far.

  4. Get tired of continually rebooting and changing the names of his series??

    When has this happened?

  5. As much as I enjoy Aaron’s Wolverine, I love his Spider-Man. He should get a spot on the ASM rotation!

  6. @cromulent too late! There is no rotation nemore! It’s slott’s book now

  7. @PeterParker It won’t be his forever. Slott is great but he has scheduling problems. I give it until May and then they’ll need someone like Aaron or Joe Kelly to take the reigns.

  8. Now that the Terminator is over looking forward to Nightcrawler next month.

  9. This didn’t come together for me. Probably read better in trade. I lost track of things as this progressed past issue #2. 2/5.

  10. @cromulent @peterParker – I agree his Spiderman is awesome, very funny. He also rights a very funny Iron Fist and Luke Cage – issue #11/12/13 were hillarious! Aaron works best on street level, his Ghost Rider was great – his Punisher MAX is very funny in a awkward "I will gore you in the face" sorta way!

    Obviously if you want to see Aaron writing SPIDERMAN, then you can! He is writing ASTONISHING SPIDERMAN & WOLVERINE, which is very very fun. Again doing timestream but slightly less confusing then this story. 

    @RoiVampire Oh hells yes, They can’t have one guy writing ASM for too long – My money is on them giving it to Van Lente and Joe Kelly come February. 

  11. didn’t JMS write Amazing Spider-Man for like nine years?

  12. Yeah nine years of garbage.

  13. Odd thing about this story is that it steadily drifted away from Wolverine. First issue was Wolvie and Cap at a bar. By the final two issues this was all about Deathlock and Wolverine could have been any bystander. I should go back and read it again, but it didn’t feel like one story start to finish, but one Aaron changed as he went along. I still liked it, but it dropped one notch below the awesome level because of it.

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