With battles raging in both the future and the present, pushing Wolverine and Captain America to their very limits, the most important battle may yet be the one taking place inside the mind of a cyborg assassin. Witness the battle for the soul of a Deathlok. Oh, and laser claws too.

WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILS: Ron Garney
COLORED BY: Jason Keith
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: Ron Garney

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. If Wolverine’s claws go *snikt snikt* then what noise do laser claws make?

  2. @TexasZombie99: *tkins tkins*

    This title has been in my top three every issue. Keep it up Aaron!

  3. Anyone know what issue this ends with?

  4. yay for laser claws

  5. I believe #16 is the last issue. Something about reading Nightcrawler’s will. Then the new Wolverine series starts.

  6. Is that Deathlok cover a send up of a past Wolverine cover?

  7. @cromulent: Yes. It’s a mirror image of Weapon X #1.

    Did Garney injure his drawing hand, or is he having trouble keeping up with the schedule? The art in this issue was all over the place. It’s Garney so it’s still above average, but it was nowhere near as solid as it has been.

    Great read though. The last few pages were pretty intense. This series is fantastic.

  8. Thanks. I knew I sort of recognized it from somewhere.

  9. I thought the storytelling was a bit confusing in this issue. I’m gonna have to reread it and see if my mind was just wandering on first read.

  10. Can we get Aaron on a Marvel cosmic title?  I bet he could write the hell out of Rocket.

  11. the opening scene was the same story as terminator salvation…but i still loved this issue

  12. Aaron is doing some serious time stream flip flopping storytelling. Definitely required re-reading to figure it all out, as things in the future change as people die in the past. Also, things in the past (the Deathlocks) have also changed as people die in the present. Also a bit odd that Wolverine had little more than a cameoin this one. Anxious to see if Aaron can pull it altogether. A well woven time yarn is one of my favorite sci-fi stories, but most end in a non-self consistent disaster.

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