The time-bending saga of the all-new Deathlok continues as Wolverine and Captain America fight for their lives against an army of cyborg assassins. Outnumbered and outgunned, our heroes turn to desperate measures but learn the hard way that when you tamper with the time stream, you better be ready to expect the unexpected.

WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILS: Ron Garney
COVER BY: Ron Garney

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. There’s a cover image you don’t see every day! I’ve really enjoyed this series from the first issue. The timing couldn’t have been better considering 10 months ago I reluctantly dropped Wolverine proper for the first time in 12 years due to the fact that it didn’t feature Wolverine. I’ll be picking it up again once this Daken asshole’s out of the way. Depending on the talent involved, maybe we’ll have two solid Canucklehead books. 

  2. I waqs dropping this title after issue 10… and it has been non-stop super awesome since then. Curse you, Aaron! I can’t afford $4 for Wolverine. And yet the wallet opens again…

  3. It’s really too bad Garney is being replaced when this switches to just Wolverine. Instead he’s being replaced by the awful Renato Guedes. This book has been so awesome.

  4. @mikeandzod21: So this series is ending and Aaron’s gonna be writing regular Wolverine with Guedes on art? I hadn’t heard that.

  5. @WheelHands: I hadn’t heard that either but it makes perfect sense.

  6. @wheelhands and @jestr yeah I heard that a few weeks ago, I want to say over a CBR. I was deeply saddened because I love Garney’s art (especially on this title) and can’t stand Guedes

  7. Right you are, mikeandzod21. They launch the new Wolverine ongoing in September. Makes sense. I dig Garney too but I can live with Aaron being the regular on Wolverine proper. And Logan’s monthly appearances defninitely could use a trim. As far as I’m concerned this has replaced Wolverine proper anyway so it’s not really that drastic a change for me.

  8. @everyone above- Even though it sucks to break the awesome Aaron/Garney team, that’s good news for my wallet =D I keep wanting to drop this & wait for trade ($3.99 books are a ball breaker) but it’s been too good to trade wait.

  9. I love this book. Needs to be talked about more. Terminator + Wolverine = idk, but it’s legit

  10. Best issue so far in this series.  Ballpark.  Out of.  Aaron.

  11. Ha, that part with Spidey and Thing was funny.

  12. Possibly my favorite issue of the series so far. If Aaron can maintain this momentum and quality for a good stretch, his Wolverine work will be historical.

  13. Jason Aaron is a master writer; that Spider-man/Thing bit was spot on!

    "Yancy Street!"

  14. Wasn’t Roxxon the evil corporation in Secret Avengers?

  15. Hey, any book with Roxxon as the villain gets my 80s Marvel loving vote.  This was a fantastic Marvel Universe read, it’s great to see so many guest stars from time to time, and I never would have believed Aaron could write them all so well.  How does the man behind Scalped slip so easily into old school superheroics?  Even some of the very best "adult" comic writers fail to be able to write this kind of story without having to be all "knowing" and "meta".

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