The perfect jumping on point! Wolverine has never had luck with women. They usually die or try to kill him. So what happens when a new woman enters his life? You think you know how this one goes, but this one issue will stop even Wolverine dead in his tracks! This is the place to start reading if you’re not already — with stunning art by C.P. Smith, Jason Aaron is better than ever at what he does.

WRITER: Jason Aaron
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: Adam Kubert

Price: $3.99
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  1. The first 2 arcs have been excellent!  But will Ron Garney ever return to pencils?  The previous penciller was awesome though.  An Amazing style for Wolverine, so creepy and an excellent storyteller.

  2. So I guess Mystique doesn’t wear underwear…

  3. I was under the impression Mystique was almost always naked. She just made whatever clothes she needed for whomever she was pretending to be. But yeah, you have a point. That is a bit gratuitous. I have liked this series, but not sure if I am $3.99 liking this series.

  4. The "Don’t Miss" made this sound interesting, but it didn’t really sell me on it.  Wolverine solo stories are so hit and miss for me.  I’ll flip through it.

    Not sure why it’s 3.99… doesn’t Marvel usually reserve that for minis, one shots and Avengers books? 

  5. @cromulent: Have you seen the X-Men movies? 🙂

  6.  My only problem with this series is the it has seemed like a pair of minis that could have occured at almost any time in Wolvie’s history, rather than the new Wolverine ongoing. I really hope that changes with this arc.

    @JesTr Yeah, but they also gave her scales in the movie.

  7. Just listened to the Dont Miss and although this is a one shot, it does sound more like pat of a greater picture.

  8. ya, wonder how siege will change the series.

  9. Ug.  I realize that Wolverine is Marvel’s franchise player (along with Spiderman) but he’s just been too over exposed, for too long (Old Man Logan non-withstanding).  Time for me to go on Wolverine hiatus (if that’s possible considering he seems to pop up in just about every Marvel book).

  10. I don’t think a hiatus is in the cards, but wouldn’t it be nice to see Dark Wolverine and Wolverine Origins ride off into the sunset, leaving just a single Wolverine book and regular appearances in Uncanny X-men for a year or so? Does Wolvie on a cover sell like it used to? I bet it does. Sigh.

  11. Lots of people seemed to like the last arc a lot, but I really didn’t care for it at all.  I know. I’m all alone:(

  12. @zenman, i have the same feelings about Wolverine as you, but Jason Aaron brings a certain something to this book that I cannot resist.

  13. Aaron has been nailing Wolverine in this series. It’s been brilliant. Highlight of my month.

  14. @vadamowens – I didn’t like the Dr Rot arc at all.

  15. So is Jean in this, or just on the cover?  (I’m assuming there are flashbacks involved).

  16. So is Logan going to drop this girl like a bad habit when Jean comes back in a few months?

  17. 04/09 weapon x #1 – 97,896
    05/09 weapon x #2 – 59,192 (-39.5%)
    06/09 weapon x #3 – 51,076 (-13.7%)
    08/09 weapon x #4 – 49,284 ( -3.5%)
    09/09 weapon x #5 – 40,975 (-16.9%)
    10/09 weapon x #6 – 38,446 ( -6.2%)
    11/09 weapon x #7 – 36,108 ( -6.1%)
    12/09 weapon x #8 – 33,470 ( -7.3%)
    6 mnth (-34.5%)


    Ouch Wolverine Origins and Dark Wolverine both sell better than this. Now is this because people are not interested in the character, not interested in the creative team, or not interested in the price? For me it was the latter. 

  18. @ohcaroline: Nope Jean is just on the cover.

  19. Was anyone else concerned that Jubilee was drawn to be about 3’8? 

  20. And I think it’s because, to a casual buyer (which I assume do exist), the "Weapon X" designation may come off as a mini-series or side book, not the main book for the character, which it is.

  21. that doesn’t explain the 40k drop off from issues 1 and 2

  22. The story was great, a take on wolverine I’ve never really seen before, and I like the idea of his new girlfriend being able to take of her self (kinda like the ATF agent from Rucka’s amazing run a few years back) and the idea of a tender and sexual wolverine is really cool…but the art was terrible. The costume kept changing from his old one to the yellow and brown one to his current one and it threw me. At first I thought it was a flashback when he was talking to storm but it wasn’t. It made the pacing of the issue a little jerky.

  23. I didn’t realize that Jubilee was a midget.  I thought Wolverine was shorter than everyone, other than Puck of course.

  24. @skeets: The first issue had a ton of variant covers.

  25. This was pretty good, but I think the characterization of Wolvie is a bit off. His love interest is an okay character (though psychologically I don’t think her occupation matches her supposed taste in movies or music at all), but we aren’t shown much up front to justify the huge turn-around in attitude that Wolverine exhibits throughout most of the issue. Toward the end he even says "I don’t know much about you", and she says something like "I’m starting to kinda like you". But through the whole issue everything that happens seems to take the fact that these two people are suddenly, hugely in L-O-V-E. But Wolverine really has been in far more serious relationships before, and none of them made him act like a chatty totally-non-judgmental sensitive fellow before. The story idea really is a good one, but you can’t just suddenly superimpose "Wolvie randomly wants to change and be in a relationship now, k!" without leading up to that a bit more.

    The art was absolutely amazing, though.

  26. Under no circumstances does Wolvie play long-distance chess, either. The characterization is just off. I loved the last arc, though. And Mystique coming back is a positive to keep reading…

  27. @conor: The one white variant cover was selling for $15 bux at my shop. When I bought two of them on ebay for 5 dollars I went to the store and sold one for 13 bux. Realizing how low a profit I made I thought to myself "this is more trouble than it’s worth"

  28. This would have been my PoTW if Criminal didn’t melt my face off. This was an awesome, awesome issue. I’m loving this title.

  29. Really liked this one. Good enough that I even managed to ignore several continuity and odd character choices. I so want to find the issue of the Evil Mutant battle that Wolverine did it in. I assume I find the burning car, I can figure it out from there (and no I don’t think it actually exists). So I give this series a reprieve for another arc. The $3.99 does continue to stick in my craw, though. Avengers gets away with it because it is "essential". This is anything but.  

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