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  1. Another month, another Wolverine One shot (priced at $3.99, natch) from no one you’ve ever heard of before.

    Whoe are you people buying these? Really? Can’t you skip one of these and pick up something indie? If your LCS didn’t have to stock this to keep the Marvel discount, it’d have room for something not put together with a focus group/marketing committee. Try it: get something else. And yes, Buffy’s from Dark Horse and Walking Dead is Image but for this experiment THEY DON’T COUNT. Get something from Dynamite, Avatar, Red5, Boom!, DDP, Ape. Go self-published like Echo or Rasl. Pick up a Top Shelf or Oni trade. Something. ANYTHING. Just not another mindless Wolverine one-off. For the sake of the industry, for the sake of the hobby which we love, PLEASE GET SOMETHING ELSE.

  2. I kind of agree with RobAbsten, I mean if your just gonna buy this becuause it has Wolverines name on it please dont pick something else up (indie or otherwise) , but if you buy it becuase you like the theam or you think the story could be interested please go ahead and buy it. But hey thats just a suggestion its your money do what you want. Not like you need me to tell you. 😛

  3. c’mon guys lighten up. This one looks different. He’s a loner just trying to do his thing and some head bangers or voodoo practitioners or P.G.A. golfers or Swedish vampires or strung out soccer moms or animal/plant hybrid mutates or lawn jockeys brought to life or water polo team with a bad attitude or cereal mascotts come to life or ninja surfers or lonely vulcans or cyborg long-shoremen or abobinable beast men or drug dealing school teachers or frat boys on acid get in his way, mistake him for someone to mess with and die a bloody death or live the rest of their live in fear of hearing *SNIKTITTIY SNIKT*. Sounds boss.

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