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  1. Hey kids! Look! Another Wolverine one shot! That’s what, 20 or so this year? And it’s $4! Where do I sign up?

    Sometimes I hate Marvel.

  2. $4 isn’t bad for a double sized issue.

    And hey, if there’s demand for it, then they might as well. I guess there’s a lot of Wolverine fans out there.

  3. I havent picked up any of the other Wolverine one shots, but the creative team on this one certainly has my interest piqued

  4. I did’nt want to buy this, but it’s marked as an annual, and since I am subscribed to Wolverine through my shop I was forced to buy it.  I had to get this instead of Daredevil, and that stinks.

  5. Your shop forced you to buy it?


    Jeez, get a new shop.

  6. @Balefuego- They have a policy that you have to buy what you subscribe to.  The confusion came from the issue being labeled as an annual and they thought it was part of the regular series that I’m subscribed to.

    And I can’t leave because I finally found a shop that gives me a good selection of indie books.  Couple that with a 20% discount and I think it’s a good deal, regardless if they mess up and I have to buy Wolverine books I don’t want.

  7. It really was a pretty good book. Good art, simple straight forward story. Duane’s got a handle on Wolverine. That’s all I can ask for out of an Annual.

  8. This is the first comic from Duane Swierczynski that really feels like his blistering novels. I read his first arc on "Cable", but, now, I’ve dropped that because it doesn’t pack the same visceral thrills as Duane’s books and…I don’t know anything about Cable. But, this "Wolverine" one-shot truly felt like a genuine weird, bloody Swierczynski morality tale that you get in his books and that’s plenty for me. If you have a taste for bug-f**k crazy thrillers you should check out one of Swierczynski’s top-notch thrillers.

  9. I really liked this story too, and Deadato draws a great Wolverine (and so short! I miss people drawing him so short).

     @Doctor13: you should check out Swierczynski’s work on Iron Fist, he’s been kicking ass on that book.

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