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  1. Did we really need 5 issues to tell this story? Really?

    And now we gotta pay extra for the last issue of the storyline! Nice work Marvel!


  2. I heard Dillon’s going to be doing art on the Deadpool series coming up, is that true?

  3. I just want to know what Deadpool did to deserve Daniel Way.


  4. I honestly can’t believe so many people are still buying this. I dropped this book after the stuff with Cyber and I RARELY drop books. I do have to say that Dillon’s art was the only thing that kept me on as long as it did but the stories were so overly decompressed and read incredibly FAST that I just couldn’t justify the money. Am I missing something?

  5. @comicdork37 — I dropped it a while ago too — I am only reading this story arc because Deadpool vs Wolverine was too hard for me to resist.

    So, I can’t say if you’re missing much, but this arc has been pretty fun. 

  6. @comicdork37 — Never read it.. Only reason i’m here is for the Merc with a mouth. Keeping my Deadpool craving at bay until his own series comes out.

     And yes, This book could have been 3 books TOPS.. 

  7. just read it, I feel like i just got Punk’d

  8. what a lame ending

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