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  1. I keep buying this storyline simply because Deadpool’s in it, but Way’s interpretation of him basically ignores years of character development. Not that I should be surprised, this book was so bad I dropped it not long after it launched.  If this is how Way’s gonna handle DP, count me out on buying the new series.

  2. I have to cut some slack on the ‘Years of character developement’ thing, since this is supposed to be years before, or at least I think so. It may not be perfect, but it was funnier and more Deadpool-ier than the parts of the Deadpool comics I got tired of right after Civil War. Still though, this isn’t brilliant by any means. It’s just been the same, long fight, which is cool, but could have been done much better in a single 80-page giant issue like an annual or something much better.

  3. There’s hits & misses.  I find him to be funny, and the comic is surely action packed. But that being said, it’s been 4 books & there is no reason why this is happening.  I don’t like how DP is drawn without a mask, he looks old.  and I don’t like the DP vision, that makes DP charactor retarded.  On the other hand some scenes are drawn great.

  4. I have been really enjoying the story for this Deadpool arc. Granted it doesn’t involve any of the history of the characters, but it’s been a lot of fun and I love the running commentary of Deadpool. It reminds me of the Deadpool that Joe Kelly wrote (which I loved).

  5. I LOVE the Deadpool vision. I think it’s hysterical. Deadpool, though excellently made tragic by Joe Kelly, is at his heart a comedic character and the skewed perspective of it plays well to the ridiculousness of the violence that has been a part of the character’s history. It’s in present day. I don’t know what character development is missing. Seems pretty Deadpool-y to me (though I agree not much has happened in a few issues).

  6. I don’t think this takes place years ago. This is a current story, and as such it makes no sense for Deadpool to be behaving the way he is.  Maybe he’s a Skrull. A guy can hope. 

     @southbymidwest- The character development that’s missing is that Wade wouldn’t simply accept a job that simply states "Kill Wolverine". Not at this point. That’s what all of the last few years of stories have been about, making him someone who’s beyond simple assignments such as that. This story paints him as a clear cut villain, which he’s not anymore.

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