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  1. First issue was slightly disappointing, mainly because of the art (IMO), but it’s Aaron, Wolverine & kung-fu, so I’m definitely stickin’ around!

  2. I agree…it’s Aaron so……

  3. Aaron is like the new brubaker

  4. you had me at "did he just punch… my soul?"

  5. should I be reading this?  i skipped it cause I’m already picking up so many X-titles, but I’ll check it out if its that good…

  6. I think you should be reading this just because it’s Jason Aaron writing Wolverine.

  7. I think i figured out why I’m not digging this so much. It’s G-Rated. When killers talk like they are church goers, it kinda takes me out of the story. If this wasn’t an all-ages book, I bet it would be 100 times better.

  8. This book definitely just jumped the shark. Wolverine needs martial arts training? Seriously? Is the next issue gonna be a 22 page training montage? I’ll read issue 3 in the shop with "Hearts on Fire" playing on my iPod, but I’m not buying it.

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