• Dog Logan, Wolverine’s half-brother from the classic ORIGIN, has defeated Wolverine and taken charge of the Jean Grey School Students.

• Which student won’t be coming home?

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Ramon Perez
Colors by Laura Martin & Matt Milla
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Ramon Perez, Laura Martin, & Alex Maleev

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This book is getting really boring. I’m through buying this thing on inertia, so this is probably it for me.

  2. I’m glad this came out so quickly on the heels of the last one, if only to get the taste of the last one out of my mouth.

    I agree this isn’t exactly living up to the promise of the early issues, but I’m still enjoying it. I think Aaron would be smart to steer the story back to the school. That’s what people really wanna see.

  3. current solicit is for Uncanny X-men. 🙂

  4. The problem with much of this arc was that the focus was too much on Dog (as opposed to the students) and it felt too unwieldy with all of the other time travelling villains. But this issue places the focus back on Wolverine and the students and does a beautiful job of progressing all of their development. This conclusion was so satisfying that it was worth a couple missteps in the previous chapters.

    • Yeah, the panel where the kids join together and face off with Dog (before Wolverine describes the kids as X-Men further down the page), I was thinking “Holy shit, they look like an X-Men team right now.”

      That (plus the great moment for Eye Boy) made it worth it.

  5. This book may have peaked pre Avengers vs X-Men and I wish Ramon Perez learned to draw Wolverine prior to hopping on this arc but when this book is on it has more heart then almost every other book from the big two combined. This was one of those issues where this book was on. Loved this so much especially the panel where Wolverine talks to Broo.

  6. I felt that throughout this arc the Ramon Perez art got better each issue and looked the best in this one and the story even picked up and wrapped up in a satisfying conclusion, although overall the last two arcs havent been as great as what i came to expect of this book.

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