• The hottest new X-Book turns 25!

• Jason Aaron (THOR: GOD OF THUNDER) and Eisner-Award winner Ramon Perez (Tale of Sand, JOHN CARTER) kick off the mega story that will define WXM in 2013!

• Wolverine and the students go to the Savage Land!

• Wolverine’s brother Dog, from the super hit ORIGIN, returns and becomes the biggest new X-Villain in years.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Ramon Perez
Cover by Ramon Perez & Ed McGuinness

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  1. lol what makes ORIGIN a super-hit?

  2. Love the design of that cover.

  3. This book has been blessed with some fantastic artists. I love the detail that Bradshaw has been bringing, but intrigued with what Ramon Perez can do. The stories of late have not been groundbreaking, but I’ve always enjoyed Aaron’s characterization skills.

  4. Really looking forward to this. It needs to get back on track and excited for Perez’s art work.

  5. I keep trying to get a copy of Tales of Sand on Amazon, but it is always temporarily out of stock. This will subside me for Ramon Perez’s artwork.

  6. Cool. I read Origins when I was like…8? So this’ll be fun to check out.

  7. Ramon Perez!!!

  8. So Dog is a time traveler? I did not see that coming.

    This was alright. Perez made for a nice change of pace.

  9. Finally this book is back to being enjoyable. I’m a big fan of Perez but the only small, really small issue I had with the art is that the kids looked a little to old at times. Quire often looked like a 40 yr old Punk.

  10. I’m so happy that Aaron finally brought back Dog and the diamonds from his Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine mini. The past arc was kinda “meh”, so I’m glad to see the series back on track. Perez’s art was spectacular. POW.

  11. Okay apparently there’s a lot about Wolverine I didn’t know. Not reading comics for two decades will do that to you. So he has a brother? And what did he mean by saying he killed his own kids? Any help here is appreciated, thanks.

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