• Logan leads his own team of classic X-Men into battle!

• The Jean Grey School sees its first graduate!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Jorge Molina
Cover by Stuart Immonen

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 20.1%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Really sick of these AvX tie-ins. I used to love this book but now there has been more AvX stuff than regular stories. Would of been able to handle 3-5 tie-in issues, but 9! thats too much. Might come back might not, too many other comics at the moment especially with marvel now starting soon.

    • The avx tie-ins have gotten old but I keep telling myself how awesome this was before AvX and stay around plus this book will become the number 1 X-Men book post AvX. What do y’all think will happen to Utopia post-AvX with the All New X-Men showing up at the Jean Grey School and Storm coming to teach at the school will Utopia remain? Will anyone left there even be alive? I want Utopia to fall apart and Magneto and Xavier just go off and do a buddy comic like book. That i will buy hand over fist!

  2. jeez how long has AvX been going on in Marvel time? They already have a graduate?? lol

    • Is any of them even old enough? I have always read them as 16 to 12. and however old Broo is. lol. If anyone is “old” enough to it would be Kid Omega…

    • @wangman31888: I don’t think “graduate” is ever used literally when it comes to the X-Men — I suspect this just means one of the kids steps up in a big way during a fight or something. More of a metaphorical graduation.

      @pmvaun: Oh man, don’t start digging into the ages of the X-Men. Between enhanced intelligence, slowed down aging thanks to their mutations, and of course the elasticity of comic book time, putting ages on the X-men is the path to insanity. (It’s not too bad to sort out from the beginning until you get to Jubilee and whoever’s left from Generation X).

    • ^ whooooosh

  3. I think Aaron has been good at developing his cast of characters and threads he seeded in earlier issues with these AvX tie-ins.

    Not all of them worked, but I’d say the majority have.

  4. Excited to see some X-Manning in this issue.

  5. Is this the last crossover issue, at least?

  6. Another title I’ll burn because I feel burned. Toomuch AvX. And I really started with Baccalo’s art. Thie other guy(s) are way to cartoonish for me.

    • Bachalo’s art really grew on me with this title. I never really liked it before. But Bradshaw makes everyone look the same. Kitty Pryde looks like Emma Frost with brown hair.

  7. My personal opinion is that Marvel is starting to dig a deep hole again just like the 1990’s; they didn’t learn their lesson then. People will get tired and burned due to all the B.S. out there.

  8. If you don’t like the story, don’t buy the book.

  9. I dig Jorge Molina. I’m also trimming back my mutant titles again.

    Just like X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, I’ll be dropping this at the end of AvX.

    Taking my wallet and retreating back to the “A” corner of the 616-verse.

  10. This felt like it was getting back before all the AvsX stuff. This was a really great issue this week.

    • Toad getting a girl… awesome.

    • While I liked this scene, I feel like both of these characters are still too undeveloped in this series for me to truly be happy for them. Back in her Generation X days, Husk was portrayed as extremely driven — she wanted to become the model X-Man if I’m remembering it right.

      I haven’t read everything, but I think she’s been little more than a background player the last 10 years, so I’d really like to see Jason Aaron develop her a bit more.

      And beyond that, there was an arc of Gen X (again, like 16 years ago, but drawn by Bachalo actually!) where Toad basically kidnapped Husk and her teammates. I’m not a huge stickler for continuity, especially when that particular story wasn’t all that great, but it’s a tiny thing that bugs me about this emerging relationship.

      All that said, this book is easily the most fun I’ve had with X-Men in years, and feels like a great value for the money. MORE PLEASE!

  11. Best issue they have had yet for the AVX tie ins

  12. POTW. Great from start to finish. Definitely the best book in a pretty decent week.

  13. Another well written issue from Aaron, not sure how he crams so much into one issue, even with AvX going on all around him.
    Not really into the artist on this issue though, with Bachallo moving on soon and the excellent Bradshaw seemingly unable to do monthly I may not be getting this title regularly after the Allred guest issue.

  14. Great issue! Loved the Broo and ‘Uncle Tony’ moment so much.

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