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  1. I might as well drop this after this issue and see the stories conclude.  I will not be reading Dark Wolverine.

  2. God that art is terrible!

  3. I’m in this for the Edwards art. After Marvel 1985, I’m a big fan.

  4. @DarthDuck you’re not the only one…

  5. Is there anyone who actually likes Daken? or whatever his name is?

  6. i don’t mind him. i’m not reading that shit though

  7. Yeah i’m with Edward. I get Daken in DA. I highly doubt he’s going to be doing anything worth reading in this series.

  8. Last issue for me.

  9. Last ish unless we get some deadpool/ daken x-over happening.

  10. Am I the only one that will be picking up the next issue?

  11. @AquaPimp – I will be. I don’t know a lot about Daken, but I’ve been loving the Dark Reign and I think he hasn’t really been given much to do in Dark Avengers, so I’m definitely interested in this.

  12. So no talk of the baby tears that Logan had clinging to his lids?

  13. Dude lived a hard life I think he can have an almost tear.

    My store lets people read books in their lounge if they have a pull list of a certain $$, I gotta say I won’t be reading Dakan’s solo book even for free.

  14. Well at least I gots a little more Jason Aaron WOlverine with Weapon X, which I’m really enjoying. I won’t be continuing with this book though.

  15. @Crucio- That sounds like a good store, how much does the pull list have to be?

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