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• Final Issue In Jason Aaron’s Acclaimed Run!

• The Tables Turn As Wolverine Comes After Sabretooth

• Guest-Starring Mystique And A Host Of Marvel U Villains

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Daniel Acuna, Steve Dillon, Ron Garney, Renato Guedes, Jefte Palo, Paul Pelletier, Mike Perkins, & Steven Sanders
Cover by Dale Keown & Gurihiru

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Artist is listed as “Various”? At least they’re up front about it this time.

    I’m sticking with this to finish out Aaron’s run, as his work with the character over the years has earned that from me. But the last few issues have really been a slog. The whole 5 artists approach really takes away from the storytelling. I really wish Marvel wouldn’t do this. It’s bad enough when they switch artists mid-arc. Now they’re doing it mid-issue. BOOOOO.

    • Agreed on all counts.

    • This is in part do to the double shipping they are doing in most of their books, and I think Wolverine is one of them, but also they don’t want to disappoint readers with late books, so they hire this random guys to fill in within the issue. Either way we complain: the books are always late or the books have to many artist (because the company wants to keep their books shipping on time).
      Oh, well, I have found it kind of annoying, especially when one of the artists art looks like a total novice is doing the art (the silver samurai parts) but the artist is doing something right since he is hired by marvel, right?

    • Agreed – I stuck it out til the end of this arc.

      Dropping this book now – Aaron redeems himself with Wolverine and the X-Men though.

  2. Throughout the entire time I’ve been reading this comic I have not seen Wolverine in full costume once. There was the time he was possessed, but that didn’t count. This is the last issue I’m buying for a while maybe becaue I need to save some money for next week.

  3. Will be replacing this book by giving Aaron’s Incredible Hulk another chance next month.

  4. Thank you Jason Aaron for making Wolverine one of my favorite titles again. Great run. Right after Frank Millers mini.

  5. Absolutely. Very cool last issue that touches on everything done before but presents future possibilities as well.

    I went and bought the Aaron Wolverine omnibus right after I finished this issue and will be buying volume 2 as well.

  6. Jason Aaron had a great run on Wolverine. He understood Logan and Wolverine, and showed that throughout his run. I liked the script for this last issue, but the issue was a mess w/all the different artists. Steve Dillon took so much of the edge out of it, and his art was lacking.

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