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• The new Silver Samurai faces Wolverine!

• The war between The Hand and the Yakuza threatens all of Tokyo

• One of Wolverine’s fiercest foes returns to make matters even worse!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Billy Tan & Steve Sanders
Colors by Jason Keith & Sotocolor
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Olivier Coipel

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Taaaaaaaan!

  2. I’m looking forward to Cullen Bunn taking over this book. I’ve been consistently underwhelmed by Aaron’s run on this title, which is weird because I pretty much like everything else Jason Aaron has done/is doing.

    • When is he taking over? I dropped wolverine last issue because even though I’ve loved Aarons older wolverine stuff his last 2 arcs with all the ninja stuff have been pretty lame IMO. May jump back on with a new creative team.

    • Bunn’s first issue is #305, so only a few more issues with Aaron.

    • I think Aaron gave us back the real soul of wolverine that was lost completely since Claremont and Hama and for this reason as a wolverine’ s fan i will be allways greatful. Even in the last issue that was a bit lighthearted Aaron brought back sabretooth, mystique, yukio, the hand, all fundamental elerments to wolverine’s mythos and most important amiko his long forgotten daughter. So after what happened to his children i’ m excited to see how all this is going to be played. As for Cullen Bunn i haven’t great expectations until now all fearless stuff that he did was mediocre so i will probably dropped the title when Aaron finish his run

    • Cullen Bunn is a versatile writer. You should check out his work at Oni Press before you give up on his Wolvie run before it has even started. The Fearless was just a Marvel cash grab book, definitely not indicative of Bunn’s talent.

    • I don’t doubt that his other work but what i saw from the 4 pages of fearless is that he don’t understand wolverine’s character. Aaron first wolverine story has the same number of pages if i’ m not wrong, but it was pretty obvious that had the character’s voice. The same with Remender. Sometimes few pages are enough. Bunn’s wolverine in fearless was a bloody mess. What i expect from his run? I expect Melita to be killed for a cheap wolverine’s berserker revenge show or to be ignored, Amiko is going to be ignored again and expect the lost of continuity with WATX and x-force. One of the great things that Aaron did it was to bring various elements of the marvel universe to wolverine’s world. We saw various characters from x-men, avengers to appear in wolverine’s pages. This is another thing that is going to be missed once Aaron leaves the title. For all these reasons i don’t see the necessity to continue keep buying wolverine since Aaron and Remender they write him elsewhere

    • I found this interview from Cullen Bunn about his approach to wolverine at marvel’s site:
      Overall has some interesting ideas but his last words confirmed my fears that he is going to use the same characterization that the other writers before Aaron and after Hama used (the punisher-like wolverine). So i’ m officialy out. Until the next writer

  3. I leave this book when Aaron leaves.

    • This is the same thing that i’m going to do. i don’t think that there is other writer at marvel that can possibly capture the voice, the spirit and the dualism of wolverine as Aaron did (with the exception of Remender). Bunn wrote 4 pages at fearless series with wolverine fighting crossbones and it was like Loeb’s writting. I’ m tired to see writers to bucher wolverine’s character as Loeb and Way did. So once Aaron’s run finish i’m going to stuck with WATX and uncanny x-force

    • There will be people who claim that the book is better off without Aaron but I’m pretty sure this book will not have the quality or the buzz with him gone.

      I would have liked to see him continue the Old Man Logan storyline . . . cuz I don’t think Millar plans to.

      Still, this was a good run for him on Wolverine and fun for his readers.

    • I’m the same way I’m dropping once Aaron’s done in a few issues, it was a great run and i own all the issues no need to continue after that And In my opinion it doesn’t get any better then Jason’s Wolverine he just knows how to write this character

    • There is another more recent interview at Newsarama:
      I’ m afraid that the things are far worse than i originaly thought. It’s sound like Daniel Way’s origins nightmare is going to return. I don’t understand why all the writers except Aaron can’t leave wolverine to go forward with his life. As for the readers that criticize Aaron’s run i dare them to find a worst piece of dialogue or monologue than that crap at the end of the interview. I have the feeling that the same persons that today criticize Aaron they are going to regret it.

  4. I liked issue 300 OKAY. It was an enjoyable enough oversized experience for $4.99. But… honestly I was expecting more. In the previous issue Aaron even through in a joke about how lame ninjas can be. Uh…YEAH. But just referencing that ninja stories can be lame doesn’t mean that your ninja story automatically isn’t lame. Aaron isn’t really offering anything all that special here, though he is trying his hardest to cram in enough characters to make it SEEM special.

    Still, it wasn’t bad. It was okay enough. If Kubert and Garney were doing the art on 301, I’d definitely be picking it up, just to see if the story picked up. But since they’re not doing the art, I can really only wait and see what others think.

    Aaron’s Wolvering/Weapon X run has been pretty good overall, but there have definitely been some clunker storylines. I was hoping he’d end on a better note than this.

  5. This is was a great issue. The fighting scenes between wolvie and creed, hand and yakuza, wolvie and the new SS were fantastic. And the interaction between logan and his daughter amiko superb. Actually is the first time that i saw wolvie act not only as a mentor figure but as a real father. And the end well is very promising for the next issue. Great work mister Aaron

  6. Man they couldn’t have put a more incompatible artist duo on this if they had tried. Billy Tan was great (as always), Sanders’ work however made me want to cry.

    • Yeah that was nuts! I turned the page and suddenly i thought I was in Riverdale….

    • thank goodness someone mentioned this. I am new coming back to comics but thought I was missing out on some inside joke with how bad Sanders’ work looks. Honestly distracted me from the story as I stared blankly trying to understand the art style.

  7. The art change in the middle of this was really jarring. I was really underwhelmed by the story in this issue.

  8. I am so tired of Wolverine completely healing from mortal injuries in 2-3 panels.

  9. I havent finished it yet. But on page 3 the three panels of Wolverine fighting Sabretooth were awesome. Even though the panels were small you can just feel those claws dig in! Great work!

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