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Journey to the stronghold of the world’s newest, most powerful drug dealer where Logan and Gorilla Man find a fierce new ally.

Enter Immortal Weapon Fat Cobra!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Ron Garney
Cover by Ron Garney & Khoi Pham

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.0%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. When this story-arc was first solicited I kind of looked askance at it and thought “…Maybe I don’t need to read Jason Aaron’s Wolverine anymore.” But I picked up the first two issues of this for free with some LCS store credit I had, and it’s a solid story.

    • Agreed, if you described this storyline to me before I read it I would have not been interested. I’m really glad I gave it a shot. It’s a great reminder that the solicits don’t tell the whole story.

    • I just finished the Wolverine’s Revenge trade and while I’ve enjoyed the extended Wolverine story, I’m not sure I want to stick with it. Although a fun arc may be more to my tastes.

    • I was about to drop Wolverine. I stayed on for Garney. Glad I did. The art is amazing. Dropping it after Garney finishes his run.

    • Garney has been amazing. I did a review of an earlier issue and mentioned that he’s become an artist that I seek out and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long.

  2. I haven’t enjoyed the tonal departure of this book. I feel like it is too similar to w&txm for me to keep paying $4 for each.

  3. Anyone know how many more issues in this arc? I have loved aaron’s wolverine in the past but this arc is just not doing it for me. I may jump ship until the next arc.

  4. Totally different tone than the last 16 book arc. but This is a lot more fun. The art is changed. I’m not reading W&TXM but this one is still doing it for me. Love the Gorila.

    • That’s the beauty of Aaron’s extended run on Wolverine…every once in awhile, you get something like this that has a bit of a different tone. It’s very refreshing.

    • I agree and can somewhat understand it not being for everyone but the fact that after the last awesome dark storyline for the book to do a total 360 like this and go in a complet different direction is very refreshing and keeps the book intresting.

  5. This was the best issue of this arc yet and a great way to end it off. POTW for me

  6. More comics need to be like this; dragons, gorilla man, sumo guy, and an old kung fu guy what more can you want?

    “Your monkey style needs work”

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