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What dark mysteries await in the secluded headquarters of the Red Right Hand? What startling secret will Logan uncover in their innermost chamber that will rock him to his core? The vengeful, bloody answers lie within. This is the most shocking end to a Wolverine comic you will ever read… you’ve been warned!

Story by Jason aaron
Art by Renato Guides
Cover by Jae Lee

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. The most shocking end? Again? Wow! Shocking conclusions sure happen alot in comics. do you think it will make things never the same again, again? All kidding aside, this has been pretty good.

  2. Last two issues have been dragging along the story i felt the longest in this series as of yet but theyve still been good. Looking forward to this issue just hope something big happens.

  3. Debating dropping this series… Always been a Wolvie fan but the villians lately have been so LAAAAMME. I mean seriously if you are going to put in a character for one issue and kill him/her off  just make a generic thug not like canon foot or the dumb bitch with whippy hair.. ugh. I do however like the back story behind the RRH idk.

  4. Aside from the .1 issue I really dislike the covers for this book.

  5. At least the last few issues have been coming out every other week, though, which helps. I think there’s a method to their repetitious nature, and only having to wait two weeks between issues makes it a lot easier to deal with.

    Overall, I’m enjoying this series but this issue is kind of ‘make or break’. Everything Aaron’s been building is going to come to a head in some way right here. Whatever the revelation is, it needs to justify a lot. I like the Red Right Hand stuff, though, so I’m optimistic that this issue will be good.

  6. Just wanted to point out, this is not the last issue of the Red Right Hand arc. The next issue, #14, is. Guess they both have the same soliciation copy since they both come out this month. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. I have been thinking about grabbing this.  I am interested in a more darker bloodier story.  Like the X-Force: Sex and Crime.  Is this Wolverine comic like that?

  8. @JasonAaron  Was about to post that as I just finished reading it. Love it. 

  9. Solid issue, again this has been needed in order to build this story and i just really really hope it pays off in a big way in the next issue, ethier way seeing where this story is headed even after this arc is done from the recent previews issue im sticking with this series.

  10. This has been drug out a little long however; it is finally over and I will admit this issue was very good. The covers do suck though!!

    Just sayin’


  11. Even though this arc is slightly drawn out, I’m still loving this series. Honestly it’s one of the few 616 books I actually still care about. I’m seriously thinking about dropping almost all my 616 books after the DC relaunch and Ultimate relaunch. However wolverine will NOT be dropped it’s just too much fun.

  12. @JasonAaron  Thanks for the heads up. I did feel slightly mislead when I reached the “shocking” end to this issue. Really looking forward to next issue.

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