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  1. Kind of sad to see this end.

  2. I feel the same way vadamowens does (about this issue, not about teaching history).  Any word on future arcs?

  3. lol.  No I love teaching history, but what I do at Dunbar High School is not teaching.  It’s babysitting/social work with the occasional "oh, I see" moments.  Those are fleeting and few/far between.

  4. @vadamowens – I’m afraid that is begining to seep into my college classroom as well.  I had a student ask if it was OK if his mom called and talked about his grade with me.  I eagerly await that call.

  5. In college?  You’d think you professor types would’nt have to deal with that.  I assure you, though, your educational absorbtion from your students exceeds mine ten fold.  But it’s good to see others struggling as well.

  6. This was an amazing and beautiful mini and I’m sure the end will be as wonderful.

  7. @rockingeek – I sincerely hope you are correct.  This has been one of my favorite minis of the year (right up there with G.I. Joe Cobra). 

    @vadamowens – I don’t get that very often, but it happens occasionally.  I usually end up posting the parents ridiculous emails on my office door.  I then give the youngster a little chat that helps them understand that they need to be able to stand on their own or they will fail (and not just my class).

  8. hmm seems i missed this story. will pick up trade.

  9. Lovely and terrifying.  Terrifyingly lovely.  I loved this arc.

  10. Awesome ending for us readers, but the worst ending for Sir Edward Grey. This was a perfect book.

  11. soo good. As far as I know, theyre planning two more minis, one of which takes place in the American West. Not sure how Grey gets to that place, but there you go.

  12. Excellent news. Something to look forward to.

  13. Thanks for the link.

  14. @rockingeek that is terrific news. Thanks for the link!!!

  15. A satisfactory ending, but all I want now is just one more issue.  Then another mini.

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