“PORTALS,” Part One

Even as she struggles to make ends meet as a PI, Sara Pezzini can’t help but be drawn into the corrupt supernatural underbelly of Chicago. Her discovery of mystical portals around the city will lead her to a realm unlike anything she’s experienced before and bring her face-to-face with a former bearer of the Witchblade!

Story by Tim Seeley
Art by Diego Bernard & Fred Benes
Cover by John Tyler Christopher

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. I’m looking forward to this issues hell yes

  2. I’m gonna give this a shot. What the hell eh?

  3. I was pretty unimpressed with the story from the last arc though the art was fantastic. I’m going to give this a shot and hope Seeley ups his game a bit, so we’ll see.

  4. I have a very light week, so what the hell I’ll give this a shot.

  5. This was a neat little done in one. This is my first Witchblade experience, and I’m enjoying the ride so far.

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