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It’s Dr. Morrow’s toughest challenge yet: a magical malpractice hearing!

Mystics Without Borders wants answers. Why did the case of the ‘Patient from the Black Lagoon’ go so wrong? What’s the biological secret of the Deep Ones, and their connection to the ‘Great Old Infections’? And how do you fight an epidemic that’s turning people into fish-people?

Find out, in the finale of the debut miniseries from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Originals line!

‘WITCH DOCTOR has the potential to be the next great horror story in the comic industry.’ – Bloody Disgusting

art / cover LUKAS KETNER

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  1. Not sure if you’d really call this a “horror book” but whatever genre this falls into, this horror fan wants more! Great mini-series from every aspect, writing, art, overall layout and quality, etc. Robert Kirkman and his new Skybound imprint have a winner here!

  2. Hope it gets an ongoing.

    • It’s gonna take the Hellboy route, with it being a series of miniseries and oneshots. There is a oneshot coming in December, with a new miniseries to follow it a couple months later.

  3. Great book so far, nice mix of horror and humor. Digging the Lovecraft nods. Also, this Ketner guy is really something.

  4. This gives me the same vibe as when I watch Re-Animator, which is a very good thing.

  5. The best new series of the year!!!

  6. ZOMG that was a great issue! Can’t wait for the new mini in December!

  7. I love the house vibe in the supernatural world. It consistently makes me chuckle and I find myself falling in love with Penny, as this cute/weird/demonic monster.

  8. This comic is so much fun. It narrowly beat Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes and Animal Man for my POTW.

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