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  1. First issue was good but with Christos Gage you know it will just continue to get better

  2. This issue did a better job of explaining things. It’s almost like # 1 and 2 were one long issue. Here Majestic not only explains his motivations but also gives us lots of info about Savant, why he chose Hawaii, why he’s not at his own base and even has a resolution to their ‘little’ conflict that started the fight in the first place. Majestic’s view of things is scary because it has elements of truth. He’s trying to start humanity over but modeled after Kheran ways and using his power as a deterent to any who stand in the way of that dream. He sounds like a Nazi when he goes through the Wildcats’ roster and tells each of them why they are or are not worthy of the new world he’s trying to create. And then to see the humans side with him and acutally take his offer makes sense but it makes you feel bad for the Wildcats because you know that they’re trying their best to help people but how can they compete with what Majestic is offering?
    This is such an appropriate reaction for the Wildcats because it seems that ever since Majestic and The Authority came into the world, the Wildcats see that with no Void and no superpowered Spartan, they are outmatched which now makes them the underdogs. And people love to route for underdogs.

    The back-up story was very cool. The art and the battle scene were spectacular. My only regret is that Dane got the call from Lynch so soon in this story although I expect him to struggle with answering Lynch’s request because of what they’re dealing with in Asia. So that will be interesting to see.




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