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    I thought the fight between Grifter and Paris was a little forced but it ended up being pretty intense.  The love triangle between Spartan. Jeremy, and Voodoo seems to be in full swing now.  The only one who doesn’t seem to realize it yet is Voodoo.  That should make for some interesting drama when she inevitably will have to pick one of the two.  Having Tumbleweed of the Paladins be the secret behind the garden was a great surprise.  I didn’t see that one coming at all.  It’s cool that we’re setting up new locations in the World’s End setting.  Of course we have the remains of the old cities, but now we’re getting new locales like Tumbleweed’s Garden which I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of.  And the fact that Lord Defile and the Daemonites have come to L.A. is some great set-up for some major Wildcats/Daemonite throw-downs!  I’m glad they brought the Daemonites back so soon.

    The back-up was cool too.  I’ve never read any Cybernary stories except when she may have been involved in crossovers of the past.  Gage did a great job of explaining everything you needed to know about her before setting up the confrontation between her and Kaizen Gamorra.  This is going to be an interesting one!



  2. I was fairly happy with the issue but thought that the parties involved all got along a little too quickly in the end

  3. Another ace issue by Gage, loved the fight between two great characters, Ladytron has become a character I enjoy for the 1st time…ever. Seeing the reason for the "Nevada Garden" was a suprise and I didnt see it coming.

    Also the return of Lord Defile? Dude sign me up for the next issue

  4. This was the Wildstorm reboot I was most looking forward to, but it has just been… well… sorta boring. Authority and Stormwatch are both more intresting and I only picked up the first issue of the Gen 13, but decided againgst pulling it.

    I’m also still bitter about the fact that we’ll never see the conclusion of Joe Casey’s 3.0.

    Also can we please get Team 7 their own book rather than this 4-part backup story crap?

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