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Sam fights the devil.

By Joshua Luna

Price: $2.99
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  1. Wow, I had almost lost all hope of ever actually seeing this! Can’t wait to see how it continues, really loved it so far…

    • Yeah this series has been great! Even when I saw the solicit on Images’s website showing it would be out this week, couldn’t be sure until I see it on the list here today. Hopefully more folks will check this series out in some kind of collected format once the gap between issues isn’t a problem.

  2. This series is good and has lots of potential, but the lag was getting to be a bit much so I dropped it after #3. I think I will end up picking up the trade if/ when it comes out. I would have rather had Luna get way ahead on this and then release them consecutively. It really is a beautiful book and an interesting story.

  3. I really like the first issue, especially since it dealt with OCD. Then it went down from there and the constant delays just made it worse. I read this issue last night and was really disappointed. The typical “it’s all just in his head” story.

    • I read your comment here before I’d read the latest issue and I was worried the whole plot was going to be chalked up to fantasy, but I felt instead we were left with questions about what is in his head and what isn’t. Which is a natural progression since part of his own power is manipulating other people’s minds; I fell like it’s a good way to further explore these themes of both sanity vs insanity and the whole concept of individual free will.

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