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  1. I agree with Ron from last weeks podcast, but I am a sucker for these things when I find the idea intriguing.

  2. I was done being suckered after "What If? Civil War." Never again.


  3. I don’t have nearly as much problem with these being about recent events as much as them being by no-name creators.  Why couldn’t Greg Pak write this?

  4. What if?….

    …World War Hulk was as good a story as Planet Hulk?

    …World War Hulk had acutally involved the whole World, and not just Mid-Town?

    …Jeph Loeb had not been picked to determine the future of the Hulk Franchise?

  5. he took an excursion up to Westchester to the X-Mansion

  6. So Tri-State area equals World. QED.

    I actually liked the first story ok. I think I even liked that it put the same unexplained swirling Bio-bomb in it. I now believe that bomb should show up unexplained in every tenth issue of anything Marvel publishes. Oh, no, purple swirling badness! Still, having Hulk become the Herald of Galactus is actually a cool what if result. The second story was appalling, however, and nothing in the back was even remotely amusing, so the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Still, better than Loeb Hulk.


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