If there’s one person who shouldn’t raise a child, it’s a berserker killing machine. In the regular Marvel Universe, Logan wasn’t there for Daken, and his son grew up to become the murderous Dark Wolverine. But what would have happened if Logan had known of Daken’s existence as a child, and had taken him under his wing from his first moments? Can a child with Logan’s blood running through his veins ever turn his back on murder? Can Logan find redemption and be a good father? Raising Daken will be Wolverine’s greatest battle.

Plus, What If: The Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool — Part 2!

Written by Rob Williams and Rick Remender
Art by Greg Tocchini and Shawn Moll
Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

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Avg Rating: 2.7
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  1. Wacky Deadpool/Venom part two! Awesome!  Remender has me enjoying Deadpool! Amazing! (No ongoing though Marvel…please)

  2. That baby looks like Don Rickles.

  3. He almost looks like he’s about to eat it that baby!

  4. really wanted to like this, but not for me in both story and art

  5. What if Wolverine had been a father to his son from the start?
    His son would stiil be one of the worst new characters in years.

  6. Damn…even Rememders story was lacking in this issue.

  7. Baby with claws. That’s the stupidest crap I’ve ever seen. Did he claw his way out of the womb?

  8. Deadpool/venom with Jheri Curls – LOL!!!
    Wasn’t crazy about the Art, though the Wolverine story was decent (In a sappy sort of way) 

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