What If Spider-Man Killed Kraven The Hunter? At the rollicking conclusion of this year’s Grim Hunt, the Amazing Spider-Man had his undead arch-foe Sergei Kravinoff at his mercy — and let him live. But what if Spider-Man had crossed the line from hero to killer? See how one fatal decision changes the life of a man and the people he loves!

Plus, What If: The Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool — Part 3!

Written by Mark Sable and Rick Remender
Art by Paul Azaceta and Shawn Moll
Cover by Phil Jimenez

Price: $3.99
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  1. This sounds so awesome!

  2. Wish they would do more classic story What Ifs, like the IM/Doom story from the first issue, instead of these stories dealing with recent continuity.

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