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  1. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

    I’m not buying any more What If books until they get much, much better.

  2. what if…there were no more books with the name secret invasion in the title. Or final crisis for that matter.

  3. Grrr…Stroman.  I often get a kick out of What-if’s but he is my absolute least favorite artist. 

  4. Stroman? there goes the pull… 🙁

  5. My friend who works at Marvel apparently appears in the credits for this, and it’s the first time that’s happened… Time for me to dust off my fake smile for when he asks if I read it…

  6. What if it stayed secret? that sounds pretty fucking cool.

  7. If it stayed a secret, I would have like $100 more in my bank account 🙂

  8. Was Stroman the artist on the Life and Times of Lucas Bishop? If so i may put this back on the shelf.

  9. Pow Rodrix is a shame to the comic profession. He once signed a contract with me, I advanced him 500$ and he stopped responding to my e mails.  It really is a shame how the comic industry keeps getting these kind of people in it.  I’m still following up on legal action instead of what comics should be about, doing what we love. It seems like people just don’t take the industry seriously.

  10. I wish better writers and artists worked on these because everything is good about these concepts, but the execution is horrible

  11. @abirdseyeview   yeah i’d kill for someone on the level of Van Lente or Fraction to write these. Fraction could come with some great what if’s

  12. The What If series from the late seventies and early eighties are the best. If you want a good What If story check out these!

  13. correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t that series go with the formula we’ve been saying.  wasn’t it top creators, usually the ones doing the regular series, that did most of those?

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