Celebrating 50 Years of the Great Responsibility of his Great powers, The Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Series collects the Webbed Wonder’s greatest heretofore secret history!

Spanning from his earliest days as a hero to the heyday of the heralded Big Time era and everything in between, a collection of Marvel Legends, venerated comic creators and awe-inspiring artists shine the spotlight on everything that makes Spider-Man the World’s Greatest Superhero!

Story by Stuart Moore
Art by Damion Scott & Rob Campanella
Colors by Andres Mossa
Letters by Clayton Cowles & Joe Sabino
Cover by Mike McKone & Chris Sotomayor

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    1. So what is this issue?

      • For the 50th anniversary they’re ressurecting all the old spidey series for 2 issues with creators from the past and some new talent to tell little one off spidey stories. Basically if you like spider-man and want to read a few done in one tales these books are for you

    2. These Web of Spider-Man 50th anniversary issues were the best of the point ones. Snappy plot and cartoony but hip art. I’d love to see a Brooklyn Avengers mini featuring the character who shows up at the end. If you like you Spidey crackin’ wise, check this out.

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