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VichusSmith10/12/08NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 2.5
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  1. Art: 4

    Story: 3

    "…Water Baby confuses me. I wanted more to happen here, but it feels like Ross Campbell has told his story, and it’s done. <I>Water Baby</I> is not particularly deep, but there are moments where it could be saying more, where it could venture down certain avenues that seem interesting. What is really up with Louisa and Brody’s relationship? How gay is Brody? Was she just experimenting? Would Brody ever be with Jake again? Would Lou ever be with him? I enjoy the art, and I enjoy seeing characters who aren’t typical. Seeing a surfing tomboy who likes to burp in people’s faces isn’t new, but seeing a surfing tomboy with a missing leg who is neither Caucasian nor male is a good change of pace…."

    I’ll be posting a more in depth review here.

  2. Just got this, I havn’t read it yet but the art just looks ace’s.

  3. Art was great.

    The story was crap.  It’s about these teenagers roaming around, drinking and being basically bums as they apparently have no life. I was so disappointed.  This was the first Minx title that I regret spending the money on.

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