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  1. Bring on Realm of Kings! DnA rules Marvel!

  2. Yay! War of Kinds #7. Wait, whoops. Silly, nonsensical one-shot. Maybe this will fill in the missing segments of #6.

  3. Vote for Groot!  Wait…do you vote for kings?

  4. @PraxJarvin: nonsensical post. What missing segment? Whats so silly or nonsensical about this one-shot?

     Of course we’re gonna have more story that will maybe anwser some unanwsered questions or not or we’re gonna have more questions or both, thats the whole idea, but I don’t think anything was missing from WoK #6(except maybe art that I like). Or perhaps, I missed something!? Enlighten me, O Great Geek.


  5. @rockingeek I was very annoyed with the end of War of Kings #6 leading into a one-shot. It seemed (and still does) silly to me at the time. There was really no need for it not to be #7. I’m not a fan of stories don’t complete themselves in their own run and branch out. As for missing segments. #6 felt decidedly rushed to me. Many of the side-stories that had been focused on were left for dead. The Talons disappeared from the story at all (while I’m sure their story is told in full in their mini, it was weird to introduce them for two issues and not bother to wrap them up in the final one), the Starjammers who were of varying prominence are written off with a brief two-panels that do not establish their outcome. It read as if they’d been given permission to do a double-sized finale and then that was revoked so they crammed everything into the last issue. Certainly you’re welcome to disagree on all these points, but that’s how I walked away from the event. And this one-shot, which in theory completes the story and sets-up the next one, will hopefully fix that.

  6. @PraxJarvin We don’t know what happens with the Talons in their mini, its going to be in Nova. The Starjammers were not a big part of WoK(except in their mini) and I don’t think will be in future DnA books: …it’s time to walk away… while we still can. Havok. 

    I love the concept of one book being a bridge between two "events/storyarcs/minis" of a bigger story. What do you think of Realm of Kings(with two 5-issues mini and a one-shot. All at 3.99)?

  7. @rockingeek I’m not terribly excited for it nor am I really unexcited. In all honesty, I may not even pick it up. Those will be game-day purchases for me. I’m not knocking the idea of a bridge story, I do like it, but I left WoK feeling unfulfilled. I loved the Secret Invasion Inhumans lead in. It took a storyline from one event and made it into its own. I feel like with this one we’re taking the end of a story, separating it out and making that the lead in, and for me it just doesn’t work the same way.

    As for the Starjammers… I’m just an unabashed Havok fan, so I was looking for a bit more in contribution from him. (I mean, I’m still miffed a non-Summers beat Vulcan). 

  8. @PraxJarvin I know what you mean I’m still waiting for and end to Old Man Logan.

    I’m hoping that Realm of Kings is good but I’m not that interested.  I wish they would have stuck to just having those 2 books instead of bleeding over into GotG and Nova.  I really would like the Nova book back on track and separate from an "event".

  9. I’m with Prax.  This should have been an over-sized #6 or an epilogue #7 proper.  So many loose ends just to be able to put out a book that is going to hype up the future Realm of Kings storyline?  Nah, not for me.  I’m happy to drop all of this and just read Guardians.  WOK was a fun and energetic mini, but I won’t cry myself to sleep if I walk away here.

  10. Astonishing X-Men did it.

    Old Man Logan is doing it.

    Utopia is doing it.


    Who cares? You’re still getting the story for the same price you would if it were #7.

  11. @Note that of the three you mention, two of them are being done for lateness. Utopia is another one that bothers me. It didn’t need to be in Dark Avengers nor be continued in a one-shot. "Who cares?" Seemingly two others besides me. I’m not saying you have to. It may not be an issue to you, but it just seems needless. I guess finishing a story in an inclusive manner isn’t "in" anymore. 

  12. And just because they did it doesn’t mean it’s OK and most certainly doesn’t mean I should just "suck it up" and buy it.

  13. I’m a fucking DnA groupie and I dropped all my DC books to buy Realm of Kings.

  14. @Prax – Complaining about it seems needless to me to complain about what they title something. How does the quote go? "A rose by any other name…" And it’s not like War of Kings 1-6 wasn’t a complete story, it was. Did it bother you that there was the Secret Invasion one-shot that set up WoK or should that have been WoK #0? That issue followed up with some SI stuff and led into the new event, it’s the same thing with this issue.

  15. @skeets Yeah man! Your totally right.

  16. Drop it or move on!

  17. This is good!!!!

  18. id never believe id like cosmic marvel stories as much as i did this one, brings me back to the x-men animated series days. i just hope they keep on coming.

  19. any realese date for the trade of ‘war of kings’?

  20. If you’re on the fence about this, I would suggest you save your money.  The art’s amazing, but the writing’s not up to DnA’s usually high standard.  The main story is actually only 20 pages.  Then there are about 8 pages of encyclopedia entries at the end about Crystal, Medusa, Vulcan, and Ronan.  I feel hosed.

    Art: 5, Story: 3

  21. I thought this book rocked!  I’ll take all the Crystal I can get.  Pick of the Week!!

  22. This is about who will rule and it fucking delivers. Slow paced politico-monarchic tale of duty to the kingdom and the consequence of conquest. Laying out the canvas for Realm of Kings DnA uses the one-shot as a perfect format for this story of the fallout of war of kings and the begining of a new Empire. I love DnA’s cosmic stuff.

  23. So I didn’t out right hate this. Indeed it rated a 4/5. However, it’s not without some flaws. Overall the writing felt bland and a little clunky in some places. The Royal Family single-handedly taking out the Royal Guard with no effort begs the question of why a War was even necessary, but c’est la vie en comics. Some characterizations are far off base (Luna is supposed to be a genius, Lorna apparently is a tactless sex-crazed crazy person.) The art was solid in most places, but a couple closeups of Crystal and Medusa were hideous. The story was interesting, and I may check out Realm of Kings, though this really didn’t entice me to continue reading on. 

    Why is a mask part of Crystal’s mourning costume? (She looked like the girl from Empowered). Speaking of which, I’m happy everyone was able to get properly tailored, individual mourning costumes made up for them. And a mourning tank-top for Rachel Grey. Not to reopen this but having read it, it was no different than the final issue of Annihilation, so in that I’m still annoyed by it’s being a one-shot (and it did fill in the stuff I felt was missing from WoK #6) but whatever. 

  24. The only thing that really bothered me in this is how they are setting up Darkhawk.  His story sounds like it’s going to be the cosmic version of Invincible Ironman.

  25. The best part of this issue was the small foreshadowing comment about both Black Bolt and Vulcan coming from Earth.

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