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  1. I’m happy that I followed the book through now, because it paid off big time. Chris is still a tad too whiny, but the plot makes up for it!

  2. yeah, I wasn’t too sure about this and really only got it cos it tied into WOK. However, it has pleasantly suprised me and the mythos created around the raptors is believable and interesting. 

  3. I hated Chris before Acsension. Now I’m fucking in love with him. Let Darkhawk’s Quest begin.

  4. DnA can do no wrong. I didn’t even know who Darkhawk was until they brought him into Nova and this mini just got better and better. Really great complimentary title to WoK that stands on its own yet enhances the main story. Can’t wait to see what they have planned for the character. *crosses fingers for ongoing* 4/5

    I expect Ron will talk about it being good and Conor and Josh will do that passive aggressive thing and chalk it up to Marvel zombiness.

  5. you are probably right there SKeets.

  6. DnA did a great job with darkhawk.  anyone else notes that Darkhawk got better as they wrote him more? who knows maybe Darkhawk will be the next nova?  the only real question though is, how many books can DnA right a month? because i want more.

  7. I think/hope they could wrote a book a week or 4 books a month(at the moment they’re doing 5 books a month: Nova, GotG, Ascension, War of Kings and the Authority). Imagine having your dose of DnA madness every week!!!!


  8. I was thrilled to see DH back and pleased that they scrapped the old, lame origin that made me drop the book back in the day. I’m really hoping for a monthly series out of this, this was a great reboot of the character!

  9. BUY R.E.B.E.L.S.!!!!

  10. @ rockingeek.  what? Authority?  i dont believe ive heared of that one.  im going to have to pick it up.  that isnt marvel is it?

  11. @CaptainJack- Its Wildstorm(DC).

    Personnally I’m trade waiting on this and the first trade is coming out Aug 26. #13 is coming out Aug 5. The first trade is issue 1 to 7 for 17.99.

  12. I wonder where Darkhawk will go after this?

  13. @thegreatone: I hope they keep in in the cosmic universe.

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