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  1. Best event ever.

  2. Needs more raccoon, but, other than that, it’s great!

  3. This event is the best to come out of Marvel in a helluva long time.  I’m enjoying it thoroughly.  The only one that sucked was the Skaar crossover.  The rest has had great writing, great art, and cosmic fun with talking raccoons!

  4. I was never a big fan of Cosmic Based comics, but both GL and Nova have changed my mind and War of Kings is the best crossover I have read in a long while.  I am assuming when this is over the ifanboy staff will dedicate a podcast to it.

  5. They really packed in a lot of great stuff in this event. Between Nova and GotG tie ins, it’s more like a 12 or so issue mega event squeezed into several months.

  6. It’s going to be one hell of a throw-down next month. I can’t wait.

  7. Just read it and wow.  They had me towards the end.  I thought they were actually going to do the unimaginable.  Thankfully, they didn’t and kept me as a fan 🙂  Great issue.

  8. Yep, great comic books as the ifanboys might say. This and Messiah war in the x-universe are the way events should be done in this day and age. Stories contained within a limited number of related books that have a begining, middle and end that satisfy throughout and give a real result in the end (im maybe assuming too much for the ending as Messiah war failed to deliver the ending it deserved). 

  9. Two words: weaponized terrigen.

    For a few minutes, I actually thought Abnett and Lanning were going to kill Black Bolt. 

  10. I can’t wait for the end of War of king! Black Bolt vs Vulcan. Who will rule? I love it.

  11. Oh boy… disappointing. Really. Not a good week for Marvel books for me. 3/5. But I’ve been back and forth on this book with each issue.

  12. ooh thank god! that was a close one Black Bolt!

  13. Rachel F-ED UP Black Cloak!! Love it!

  14. Come to think of it, when did Rachel get her powers back? I thought the Phoenix force left her (either in an earlier issue or Kingbreaker, I can’t recall)

  15. Thid event is terrible. Boring and cliche. Caused me to drop Nova, can’t wait till this is over.

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