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  1. My love for Greg Pak and War Machine is keeping on this title even though it’s not quite what I was hoping for/expecting. Pak promised me a "change that a Rhodey fan will love" by issue 6 so he hast that long before I put this on the chopping block.

  2. @PraxJarvin – I’m glad you mentioned that… b/c I am a long time iron man/rodney fan, and for whatever reason this hasn’t caught fire with me yet, and I was thinking of dropping it.  I guess I will give him to issue 6 then…

  3. Interesting turn, but I’m loosing interest fast. Pak gets two more issues from me before I decide what to do.

  4. I’m about done with this.  If the next story arc is nothing but WM dealing with gun-runners then im done.  Does anyone remember the Iron Man: Director of SHIELD (War Machine) issues?  That is the kind of badassery this book needs.

  5. dropped….

  6. I can’t say how disappoointed I have become with this title, the art in the one was wayyyyyy off, story is boring.  

    Pissed I bought it I was thinking of droppign it but now I am sure


  7. I’m enjoying the hell out of this book. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for Rhodes!

  8. I’ll give this book through the end of this story. But odds are, I’ll be dropping it thereafter.

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