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The unthinkable happens, as we all gear up for next month’s monumental issue 100!

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn

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  1. Man, I sure hope the road to issue #100 is paved with lots of blood.

  2. The thing with Walking Dead now is what needs to be done to shock me? When does it just become to over the top just for the shock? I hope in 100 that happens. But in Kirkman I trust. Bring on 100.

  3. Not a hugely eventful issue, but it definitely feels like the calm before the storm. It left me feeling really nervous for what’s gonna happen in issue 100, so in that regard it did it’s job quite well.

    • Yeah, there is dread lurking around the corner. I don’t know what is coming, and I don’t know what thecryptic “lucille is coming” means, but I might read #100 in the parking lot of the comic shop because I can’t wait to see what happens. Kirkman has filled me with anticipation again.

  4. calm before the storm – i am really scared for issue 100.

  5. We need an issue 100 Deadpool.
    I’ll take Eugene.

    • I’m taking Rick.

      Go big or go home, son.

    • I’m taking 90% of the town, most-likely Andrea too. As soon as the Glenn sub-plot came up, I figured Kirkman was rounding up all of the characters he was not yet ready to kill off and moving them away from the carnage which will ensue in their absence. I am hoping there will be more to it, and knowing Kirkman, there will be!

    • Not Andrea!! Plus wouldn’t that be a bit too on-the-nose what with her getting cozy with Rick?
      Andrea is my fav character of the bunch, and that’ll bum me out. But if it happens I want her to go out in an epic blaze of glory.

    • Yeah, killing Andrea and most of the town seems a little too on the nose, not that I don’t think it couldn’t happen. I just think that Kirkman’s a little too clever to go for the easy kills.

  6. I think that UkeRupp has it right- my first thought was that they are going to kill the whole tow. While Rick and company are away. Dark stuff.

  7. I agree w/ ukerupp and dean but since we all see something like that coming, I hope it doesnt.Since it is predictable,

  8. Has kirkman ever killed off a character in a landmark issue? 25? 50? 75? I know he’s building hard towards a second Armageddon, but maybe he’s just screwing with us and Rick winds up banging negan.

  9. I for one would love to see some serious carnage and the cast dwindled down. There are just too many characters to keep track of (or is it just me?) I’m starting to get a little confused by so many heads in the mix. I’d love to see them as a ragtag group again on the run.

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