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They are unprepared for this.


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  1. Har! Since when have they been prepared?

    • They were pretty well prepared for The Hunters. Handled them soundly once they understood the threat.

      After some initial “mishaps,” Rick and crew handled No Way Out as well.

      Mistakes were made but not by Rick’s people.

  2. Here we go! I can’t wait for this issue, bring on the new crowd!


  3. I feel that this comic suffers from being so good for so long that when there par issues, I start thinking that Kirkman is slipping or how much longer can he go with the Walking Dead. I have a feeling that this next arc is going to blow us all away.

  4. Building up to issue 100… I can’t imagine what he has in store for us there

  5. I stopped reading this book long ago, due solely to my own aversion to severe depression. However, the solicits are always perfect and terrifying.

  6. This issue is the final piece of evidence that this series reads much much better in trade.

  7. Awesome issue. Like the development and complications with Jesus who is developing into a cool character.

    What worries me is if he becomes a regular character in the cast he would have to push out one of the other bad ass characters to make room, which means Abraham or Michonne bites the dust . . .

    Unless Kirkman is forming a Walking Dead justice league:

    Rick: Hal Jordan
    Michonne: Wonder Woman
    Jesus: Bat Man
    Abraham: Cyborg


  8. good issue. my predictions are – A) The core gang are together and they aren’t ever going back from where they left.
    B) By issue 100, some major characters are going to be dead and I wouldn’t be surprised if RICK dies. Looks like thats where it is going. to me.

  9. @JokersNuts – I do not think Rick will die because I thought this title was based on Rick, I believe Kirkman had mentioned that point somewhere before in an interview. I could be wrong and I have been many times before but; I am about 80% sure of this one. As for the rest of them, other than pain in the ass Carl; I believe they are expendable. Carl right now is the only thing I think giving Rick a reason to live. I like the thought of them not coming back as the core group looks together from here on out maybe they go back once to find more death and no one is left alive and than they move on.
    This issue warranted a 4 for me and it would have been higher except for me; Carl really gets under my skin and I know if not for him than Rick would be done. I like this Jesus character and the possibilities of what kind of Super religious ties it could have or maybe I am over thinking it but; that would be kinda neat as the second coming and the end of the world and judgment day and all that?? Just a thought! Anyway, the new community should be fun! Good overall action and some cool banter between Andria and Rick proving again she is a bad ass in the comic as well as the TV show.


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