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Get ready for some action.

art & cover CHARLIE ADLARD

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  1. Finally got caught up reading all 91 issues

  2. I’m ready, Mr. Kirkman.

  3. Who is that New Guy? Davidson? Merle from the TV Show? Just a New Guy? Good or bad? Good, then turns bad? Bad then turns good? Ohh the possibilities!!

    Can’t wait for my Walking Dead Fix!

  4. Come on Wednesday; the wife has been waiting for this issue; as well have I.


  5. awesome!!! i’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now…





    if this means what it seems, we’re about to see the entire world opened up outside of the Rick microcosm and find out a WHOLE lot more about the rest of the WD “universe”. Really excited for whats coming…

  6. I was very bored and disappointed with this issue until the last page. Among other things, the dialogue between Michonne and Abraham wasn’t meaningful. The battle didn’t have the same tension associated with past battles.

    With that said, the last panel created more excitement than I’ve felt for the last half dozen issues.

  7. Excited for what’s to come.

  8. I will admit I am fairly new to TWD maybe just over a year now that I have been following and I am starting to see the same patterns as well. I like this book a lot and I even got the wife hooked and this is really the first comic book that she has ever been into. When we started we did not even know they had a TV series so after we were reading for a while we saw a rerun and thought cool. So we have been on the TWD train for some time now and even she seems to be loosing steam on the comic book. She says it all seems the same and nothing new happens. We are both afraid that if nothing new happens we are going to loose fellow readers and pretty soon the TV show will suffer. So I hope this brings on a new twist to the book from here on out. Maybe reveal some of the reasons why this had happened and what the future may bring??


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