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Being surrounded by a wall keeps things out – but it also keeps you in.


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  1. This is available digitaly on Wed right? How do I go about that? (Don’t make fun of me if it’s obvious, I’m very sensitive)

  2. I’m only getting this and Superboy this week so this will be my PoTW.

  3. I really like the cover colors on this one.  Very cool atmosphere!
    Remember when Adlard did the really consistent cover designs with the solitary characters and the red backgrounds on #43 thru 48 when everything got really intense?  I keep finding myself hoping and wishing they would do something like that again with the covers.  This one being an excellent potential starting point!  Here’s to wishful thinking!

  4. @Tiocore

    I think you need to download the Image Comic comixology app. All the issues of the Walking Dead are available on there. I’m not sure if there’s an alternitive method.

  5. I’ve got a good feeling about this arc.

  6. I wont read this until this is collected; but seeing that this has 100% POTW I don’t know if I can wait that long.

  7. Ron is going to have major daddy issues if he finds his mom and Rick in bed together.

    Carl was a real dick to Ron as well, but he’s probably not the most sympathetic ear.

  8. carl was a bad-ass real rick jr.

  9. Great issue.

    I got the sense that towards the end it covered a good portion of time.

  10. Josh, Ron or Connor, would you guys please start reading this in issues so that it can make Pick of the Week? It’s one of the best comics out there on a consistent basis.

  11. @Thechangingman  Josh reads this in issues.

  12. @Suicidalkangarooz Thanks I thought they all got it in some trade format. This still needs more PoTW love.

  13. @Thechangingman  Yeah, I would really like this to be talked about more, but the other two wouldn’t want Josh to spoil anything so it would be hard to talk about. Ron is the worst because he reads this in hardcovers, so he only reads this about once a year.

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