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Despite all the turmoil around them, they find each other.


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  1. This is the most excited I’ve been with TWD in a while, I think Kirkman did a masterful job of kind of lulling us to sleep and almost forgetting how dangerous this world is.  What’s coming makes me think of the issue that ended with the Governor and his people waiting outside of the prison gates.

  2. I can’t wait to read this issue. The shock at the end of the last issue really snapped me out of the feeling of "safety" in this new town.

  3. So stoked about this issue but it will probably be issue 80 before zombies/raiders actually get into the town.

  4. I’m all about how Rick is going to develop given the new circumstances. Zombies can stay away for a few more issues no problem.

  5. Did this get released digitally also like last months?

  6. NVM, yes it did. I didnt see it on the first page of new releases, and didnt see where to switch to the second page

  7. I could not find the digital version on the Image Comics Ipad App. What gives?

  8. Same here I thought this was going to be digital same day release. *sigh*

  9. Holy shit what a great comic!

  10. "Looks like my sniper got yours. Ready to start talking now?" 


    Looks like we’re in for quite a ride comin’ up. I’m ready. Bring it on you big, bearded bastard. 

  11. @wheelhands best line of the week!

  12. I found it in the comixology web app. And in the general iphone app also. It was day and date

  13. Man, Kirkman had me thinking those new outsiders were gonna be a huge threat, but then he kills them all off in like 6 pages. Even when I think I know where things are going, he surprises me.

  14. @xrcst I dont understand why everything is so inconsistent between the digital apps. For example Ultimate Thor is day and date in the Marvel app but not the Comixology app. Where as Walking Dead is day and date in the Comixology app but not the Image App. It’s really starting to get annoying

  15. Arg. Niether the Comiology app or the Image app has the digital comic available. I also went to the comixology webpage and could not find it in there iPhone comics section. Anyone else having this problem?

  16. @DoctorColossus you have to go to then log in and buy it. Once you do that wait 5 minutes and it should pop up for download in your Image app. It’s completely retarded what you have to do, but it works. Trust me though the issue is worth the hassle it was freaking awesome!

  17. This was so good. I felt like there was really alot of plot progression in a short span here, compared to previous issues.  It threw us into a jarring new pace before unleashing several quick turns.  The confusion I felt in the panel sequence where it briefly seemed like Rick was shot, followed by Rick’s confident follow-through and then the depiction of the utter decimation of the newcomers was great.  The feeling of "Oh wow!  They’re so SCREWED!" when I realized the gunfire would attract roamers and that the newcomers had nowhere to go, was just perfect.  Definitely my POTW.

  18. Apparantly Apple didnt approve it in time so you have to buy it through Comixologys site.

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