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Living among the safe can make you soft.


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  1. Coming out consistently again, yay!

  2. Yes, yes, and more yes.

  3. Word!

  4. My brother and I have been debating about whether or not the new community is "good" for Rick and his crew. I think it is. They shouldn’t ignore the fact that zombies are around, but at the same time they were losing their minds when they were out on the road in the smelly RV.

     Can’t wait to see how they adapt this on AMC.

  5. @count personally I think some real serious shit is going to go down in this “town” that is going to drastically change the whole landscape of this book.

  6. Well shit is definitely going down in #75 so it may start as soon as the next issue. I’m loving this Community stuff. Best Walking Dead since prison.

  7. Rick didn’t seem as crazy evil as he did in the last issue, which is what I totally thought this book would go. It still can I suppose.

  8. people are going to be blown away when this comes to AMC, i dont think they will be prepared for this level of awsome!!

  9. Charlie Adlard is a storytelling god.  In the space of only about 10 panels featuring Abraham he convinced me that Abe would make Clint Eastwood piss in his pants if he got him mad enough.

  10. I love the opening panels with Abraham. That is how you write character moments in comics.

    I’m glad the zombies were gone for a few issues. When they shambled up this time, I was generally aware that it had been awhile.

    4/5 and my pick of the week.

  11. Abe stole this issue, I think he may have somewhat of a rise in power after this. Everything that happened in this chapter made me feel that the group we’ve been following is really unique in their ability to survive all they’ve been through.

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