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Fitting in was never something Michonne considered important.


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  1. Fitting in was never something Michonne considered important.


    Wonder if she is going to give out another B.J. (one of my favorite spots to eat)

  2. She got to keep her sword…. so I cannot wait to see what she does with it

  3. Love this cover. This is probably the book I’m most excited for this week.

  4. This book is totally stepping it up all over again.

  5. Can’t wait to read this! 🙂

    @ibagree Word! 

  6. not that i would say the book ever slipped, but it has been so damned good lately!

  7. this is number 2 on my excitement list.  Next to Jersey Gods.

  8. I wonder if our sympathies toward the group will start to falter with this arc. Could Rick and co. actually be the villains?

  9. @DoctorColossus-Yeah, the creepiest thing about the end of last issue is that it was so matter-of-fact and not overtly creepy.  Perhaps Kirkman is trying to subtly turn the tables?

  10. I think turning it around and making the gang the villians would be brilliant!

  11. Loved the 2 pages with Michonne and her sword, very well done.

    This is interesting. I was a little worried that things could get boring now that theyre settled…but this could be a really neat dynamic being established. Can’t wait for more.

  12. I wish Kirkman would take more of a slow burn with the villain turn but hey, this is fantastic.

  13. Also Adlard’s art is a bit sloppy. I can barely tell Glenn and Maggie apart. And Glenn isn’t even Asian anymore.

  14. Yeah. Glen and Maggie are becoming a bit too visually similar. But it’s still damn fine work to my eyes.

  15. these last 2 final pages have been awesome

  16. Thinking about something today.

    Would Glen really be a part of undermining the Community’s rules.

    I’m not so sure that fits his character–his sinister little turn at the end of the comic.

    I guess he was there for a lot of what happened with the Govener . . .

  17. Very interesting developments!

  18. @ScorpionMasada: I think the more important thing to consider when it comes to Glen’s decision is his loyalty to Rick. From the very beginning, I’ve always read Glen as having a strong admiration and respect for Rick. So if Rick decides that something’s rotten in Denmark, I think it’s entirely believable that Glen would be one of the few he could absolutely count on. Michonne and Andrea being the others in my opinion.

  19. Jumping Jesus, this book is getting bat-shit crazy.  What an issue!!!!!!!

  20. Glen always seemed to be very rational and always seemed to have a real strong moral compass.

    But I see your reasoning.

    Michonne for sure.

    I think she would have been the better fit for the role.

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