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Ultimate victory has never been closer for the Voltron Force. King Zarkon’s brutal regime has been pushed to the edges of the galaxy, left to wage a series of desperate and losing battles to claim innocent victims while they still can. But Zarkon knows something —a secret about Voltron over a hundred years old that could change everything for the Galaxy Alliance.

This isn’t the Voltron we all know, but one redefined and re-imagined by those he and his adventures have inspired over the years.

This is Generation Voltron…

Story by Brandon Thomas
Art by Ariel Padilla
Cover by Alex Ross, Sean Chen & Wagner Reis

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Will the re-imagining include allowing Voltron to use the Blazing Sword from the get-go?

  2. I am going to give this a try… provided my LCS has it.

  3. I too am intrigued by this…going to pick it up as long as my LCS still has a copy left when I get off work!

  4. I’m picking this up on Ron’s recommendation. It’s actually a light week for me, so I’m on board!

  5. saw this at the comic shop, picked up for nostalgic reasons, hope its good

  6. Feeling a little disjointed since it isnt the voltron I remember, but I will give it a couple more and try to enjoy it as a different thing.

  7. I’m interested by the art left me a little lost on some pages.

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