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  1. Is this still good?

  2. was this delayed or is this suppose to be released every 2-3 months?

    I’m picking it up for sure

  3. Got a couple of weeks delay. It is bi-monthly. Great book.

  4. The last issue picked up enough for me to want to read the rest. But I had though I missed it a few weeks  back. Glade I didn’t.

  5. @miya bimonthly is twice per month.  Do you mean it comes out every 2 months, or do you mean it was intended to come out two times a month?

  6. @vadamowens: According to Miriam-Webster, bimonthly can mean both.

    It’s been so long since I read the last three issues, I’m going to have to dig them out and reread them. I’ve really been liking it so far. The art has been absolutely phenomenal.

  7. @rusty lol. thanks:)

  8. I think this will be my last issue. I havent felt it.

  9. @vada: suck on that, buddy.

    has this book ever been good? 

  10. Wow, this issue was fantastic.

  11. @edward I’ve enjoyed every issue thus far.  This one in particular seemed to get the plot rolling along.  Also, I don’t plan on sucking anything anytime soon, thank you very much;)

  12. My pick of the week and not for lack of competition (Flash Rebirth and Punisher were definitely POTW material).

  13. I liked this.

  14. Am I crazy, or did the hand wound switch hands half way through? Other than that odd distraction I thought this was awesome.

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