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JohnnyDestructo11/20/09NoRead Review


  1. So tired of zombies. But I dig Ian Edginton’s work. To buy now or wait & see if it makes it to trade, that is the question.

  2. I love zombie stories. Because good zombie stories are never about zombies. They’re about the interactions between the surviving people. How humanity and social edict are dismissed by some, and embraced by others for survival. 

  3. I wasn’t able to pick this up.  My comic shop sold out before 5:00pm. Was there a lot of hype about this title?

  4. All I can say CHUDD! CHUDD! CHUDD! "Not ME!"   great work and awesome story. Can’t wait till #2

  5. Absolutely! Sherlock Holmes and zombies! Wow!

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